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The Literary Page

picture 56 The sixth week of the Lent is finished with Lazarus Saturday is special as it prepares us for two big and joyful events in life of Jesus Christ: resurrection of Lazarus and a triumphal arrival of the Lord at Jerusalem, i.e. Palm Sunday. This day is also special as it ends the Lent. Lazarus Saturday is already beyond the Lent forty days.

The abstract from the book Easter Pilgrimage by Reverend Vasyl Losten (picture 56), Bishop of Stamford of the UGCC, talked about the completion of the Lent on Friday followed by Lazarus Saturday, the meaning of the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus and about peculiarities of church services during that week, which is called in the Church as seven days before Palm Sunday.

picture 57 Oksana Melnyk, a manager of Svichado Publishing House acquainted the audience with new books of the publishing house and their plans.

Voskresinnya Radio visited the editors of Children's Magazine Zernyatko, an old and popular friend of Ukrainian children. The magazine is published in Lviv, at Svichado Publishing House. Its founder is the Svyatouspenska Univ Lavra of Studite Monks of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Writer Petro Shkrabyuk (picture 57) in the thematic program of Voskresinnya Radio described the activities of the literary studio led by him, functioning at the Krekhiv Monastery of Fathers Basilians, as well as the creative work of young monks poets.

The presenter of the rubric A Road to the Church, candidate of historic science Petro Shkrabyuk in the series of thematic programs focused on poetry, life deeds, Christian beliefs that influenced creative work of poets Leonid Kisilyov, Oles Stepanenko, Vasyl picture 58Symonenko, Andriy Voloschak, Volodymyr Zabashtansky, Oleh Olzhych, Hanna Hayvoronska. Large feedback was received with requests to repeat broadcasts about priest of the UGCC Yaroslav Lesiv, about respecting the memory of one of the compilers of the famous anthology The Dniester Mermaid, poet, Father Markiyan Shashkevych (picture 58), and other authors.

The bloody events of Holy Thursday, martyr's way of Jesus Christ to the Cavalry, the crucifixion of the God's Son have been leaving a live trace in hearts of many people for centuries. These facts have been depicted in probably all forms of human creative works, each time touching the generations to come.

picture 58a

The program of Voskresinnya Radio offered a passionate poetry of Ukrainian authors, including poems by Basilian Monks, participants of the literary studio at the Krekhiv Monastery of Fathers Basilians, which so exactly depicted emotional and contextual shades of these bloody events reflecting live emotions of a person, who tries to deeply consider these. The review of the passionate poetry was prepared by candidate of historic science, writer Petro Shkrabyuk.

 On Holy Thursday the program also included the poem by Myroslava Sydor entitled A Monologue of Christ on the Crucifixion Road. The poem was masterly sounded by honoured artist of Ukraine Taras Zhyrko.

picture 59 One of the most successful audio rubrics Literary Readings keeps receiving positive feedback from our listeners. The programs of Voskresinnya Radio offered a radio version of another book by famous Russian Theologian, Archpriest Oleksandr Men The First Apostles. In an easy and light manner the author described history of the establishment of the Church of Christ and activities of the first Apostles Peter and Paul. The Holy Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles made the basis for the story. The author brightly and in an easy manner depicted the events from the Church life in the first decades following the Resurrection of Christ. Announcer Orest Harda (picture 59) read the text.

picture 60The thematic issue of Voskresinnya Radio focused on the tragic and little known pages of history of the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian Church during the presentation of the book Ukrainian Priests of Zakerzonnya. The Chronicle of Repressions. The author of the book, doctor by profession, Aniziya Putko-Stekh (picture 60) shared her 10-year researches and impressions from the book preparation.

Picture 61

A guest of the studio of Voskresinnya Radio, Director of the Institute of Church Law at the UCU, Father Dr Mykhaylo Dymyd (picture 61) shared his ideas and described the preparation of the book Khersones Sacrament of Freedom. The book is interesting for both students of humanitarian educational establishments, and an average reader interested in issues of Christian faith and history of the Church.

picture 62 My prayer is the third collection of poems by poet Zenoviy Taras Masnyy (picture 62), an editor-in-chief of the newspaper Narodne zdorovya of the Ukrainian Doctor Society. The book is yet little known to the wider audience, as it has only recently appeared on the shelves of bookshops. Though, those who have already read it, give high credit to this work. The authors Christmas poetry read by announcer of Voskresinnya Radio Orest Harda created the joyful mood for our listeners.

picture 63 Olena Matskiv (picture 63), a member of the editors board of Christian magazine Sto talantiv, described the content of a regular issue of this magazine for the audience of Voskresinnya Radio. In addition, the program also comprised reflection from one of the sections of this edition Reading the Bible Together. For some time already the magazine has been a friend and an advisor for Ukrainian teenagers. With its help children aged 12- 16 can spend their time in an interesting way, solving crosswords, reading stories written by their contemporaries, participation in competitions and quizzes, and finding answers to questions they search for.

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