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Christian Upbringing

picture 33 The series of broadcasts Fundamentals of Upbringing involving father Andriy Nahirnyak (picture 33), Assistant on Social Issues of the Bureau of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for Links with the State Authorities in Kyiv, focused on the problems of dissemination of before wedding sex relations. Journalist Volodymyr Kachur was the co-author of the broadcasts.

Six catholic schools function in Ukraine. Their peculiarity is the fact that in addition to quality education children are brought up in a Christian spirit, and national upbringing is complemented with the Christian tradition. These include the St. Sophia School, St. Nicholas Kindergarten, St. Ivan Bosk Youth picture 34Educational Centre in Lviv, Yosyf Slipyy Christian Collegium in Ternopil, Buchach St. Yosafat Collegium, and St. Basil the Great School in Ivano-Frankivsk. Last year radio programs were dedicated to these establishments. The Blessed Klymentiy Sheptytskyy Private Lyceum was described in the program of Voskresinnya Radio by Director of the Lyceum Father Petro Mayba, Deputy Director for Educational andpicture 35 Upbringing Work Myroslava Rykovska, and tutor brother Yuriy Smakous (picture 34).

 Ancient Ukrainian family traditions were the focus of the series of broadcasts led by candidate of historic science, freelance author of the rubric A Road to the Church, writer Petro Shkrabyuk (picture 35).

Priest of the UGCC Andriy Kaschuk in his sermon for the youth dwelled on the personal sanctity of each Christian, including, how this could be achieved.

Christian Education

picture 36 The thematic broadcasts of Voskresinnya Radio focused on entrance conditions, system of education and upbringing in the Ukrainian Catholic University. In particular, there were the interview with Dean of the Humanities Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University Father Dr Yuriy Avvakumov and students of the same faculty Andriy Kozlov, Iryna Polets, and Roman Kozak (picture 36), and the interview with Doctor of theology Oleh Kundiy, Deputy Chair of the Theology Department of the Faculty Philosophy and Theology of the Ukrainian Catholic University, and Andriy Andrushkiv, a graduate of the master program of the same faculty.

picture 37The interview with Doctor of theology Oleh Kundiy, Deputy Chair of the Theology Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University, and Andriy Andrushkiv, a graduate of the master program of the UCU, (picture 37) focused on the problems and prospect of theology in Ukraine.

picture 38Recently the first volume of History of Philosophy was published, by Fr. Mykhalo Pryshlyak, Salesian priest, Doctor of philosophic and politic science. The first volume of the original textbook tells about history of the philosophic thought development in Europe from the antic times till the beginning of the Renaissance epoch. The author of the book considers the progress of philosophy through the prism of the Christian viewpoint.

picture 39Father Mykhalo Pryshlyak, as well as editor of the first volume of History of Philosophy Viktor Idzyo, Doctor of historic science, Academician of the Academy of Science of the Higher School of Ukraine, a leading research worker of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, (picture 38) visited the studio of Voskresinnya Radio to present the book.

Pavlo Drozdyak (picture 39), a student of the Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit, delivered a sermon on such Christian quality as obedience which is quite often disputed by people.

Programs for the Youth

Picture 40 The year of 2007 in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was proclaimed the Year of the Youth. Father Yosyf Milyan (picture 40), Head of the Patriarchal Commission for Youth Issues, visited the studio of Voskresinnya Radio to talk about the reasons of this initiative, to explain how this year would look like and what is peculiar about it.

How to find ones vocation in life and how to recognize it? Answers to this question arising in many were provided at the seminar organized on the 17th of March in Bryukhovychi near Lviv by the International Catholic Institute Miles Jesu (Soldiers of Jesus). The studio of Voskresinnya Radio was visited by the spiritual leader of the seminar Fr. Robert Nicoletti and Regional Director of Miles Jesu Andriy Protsiv. The guests described in more detail about this seminar and the congregation Miles Jesu Soldiers of Jesus, its vocation and mission.

Picture 41The year of 2007 was proclaimed by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church the Year of the Youth. Father Rostyslav Pendyuk (picture 44), Secretary of the Patriarchal Youth Council, visited the studio of Voskresinnya Radio to explain why the Church makes such a focus on the youth and what would happen at events dedicated to this topic, in particular, the Patriarchal Council (pictures 41-43) dedicated to the youth and the Youth Forum in Kyiv.

Picture 42 For ages when spring comes people throughout Ukraine have been playing hayivky outdoor games with versed phrases and singing. In Christian tradition hayivky reflect the joy of Spring and the Resurrection of Christ. After the long Lent the youth games and merry songs in a special way would animate any location, especially in rural areas. At Easter, after having a breakfast with a blessed egg, Eater bread and everything else given by God on the greatest holiday, the youth would play and sing hayivky in a square near a church. Nowadays many of these spring songs are forgotten, but those who respect good Ukrainian traditions, like singing and Picture 43dancing, even now gather near their church to play hayivky. Halyna Potyuk came to the studio to describe her work in compiling the collection Hayivky (edition of the Lviv Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary).

On the 18th of May 2007 there was a youth foot pilgrimage to the Svyatouspenska Univ Lavra (picture 45) dedicated to the festival of the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary of Univ.
The pilgrimage started with the Picture 44Divine Service at 7 oclock in the morning in the Lviv Church of Taxiarch Archangel Michael. The next day at night the youth foot pilgrimage was met in Univ. The pilgrims walked around the monastery with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary of Univ on surplices. A march with candles to the Chernecha Hill became especially ceremonial. The requiem was served at the monks graves. A guest of the studio of Voskresinnya Radio celibate priest Venedykt, Father Superior of the Svyatouspenska Univ Lavra of the Studite Order talked about the pilgrimage and the present of the Lavra.
Picture 45

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