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The Church Calendar


Picture 21aIt has already become a tradition when a song is heard in festive time which highlights the elevated condition of the soul and festive atmosphere. That is why the program of Voskresinnya Radio broadcasted the story about creative works of people who give us their songs,namely,poet Vasyl Mendrun and composer Myron Datsko.

In festive Christmas time, when Christmas carols and wishes for good and happiness are all around, the Christmas theatre (Vertep) of the Lviv Childrens Theatre Meta (art director - Zoryana Hrehoriychuk)greeted the audience in the program of Voskresinnya Radio.

Picture 21The festive mood of Christmas and deepness of Christian traditions is one of the important constituents of thematic festive programs of Voskresinnya Radio.Apart from the festive wishes of Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Lubomyr, Archbishop of Lviv Reverend Ihor Voznyak, numerous priests and laymen, Christmas literary and musical compositions were also on air, and among authors, for instance, scholar, poetess and writer Iryna Vovk (picture 21).

The thematic issue of Voskresinnya Radio was dedicated to people, who with their work carry a good mood and depth of Christian study in their songs. This is a trio of priests who for a long time already have been singing together, united in a creative group called Give Me Your Hand.

Picture 22 The program offered a story about creative work of this musical group,as well as songs performed by them.The broadcast was prepared by the author of the standing rubric A Road to the Church, candidate of historic science Petro Shkrabyuk(picture 22).

How the baptism of Ukraine-Rus was administered? About this talked Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Lubomyr in the festive program on the Epiphany holiday.

Picture 23 Since recently the St. Valentine day has been celebrated in Ukraine on the 14 th of February. Lately there was a substitution of notions and the holiday is used for advertising and encouragement to give presents, thus acquiring a distinctive commercial nature. Who Saint Valentine was and how we should respect him œ this was a story told by Fr. Robert Nicoletti, confessor of the order of Miles Jesu œ Soldiers of Jesus (picture 23).

Meatfare Sunday is the time when the Day of the Last Judgement is recollected. The Church reminds that the God is not only extremely merciful, but also extremely just. Therefore each one should bear personal responsibility for ones life, care for ones improvement and conversion, and strengthen ones spirit in a prayer with the help of the fast and repentance. In times when the Church kept the strict fast, Meatfare Sunday was the last day before the Lent when meat was allowed. This day the abstract from the Gospel of Matthew about the Day of the Last Judgement is read in churches, where Jesus Christ talks about the eternal reward for the righteous and the eternal reward for sinners. This Sunday, as well as every Sunday since the time of preparation to the Lent, the program of Voskresinnya Radio offered spiritual studies of Head of the Australian Foundation of Naval Chaplains Father Oleksandr Kenez.

The Lent

picture 24The 19 th of February was the beginning of the Lent. For all the faithful the forty days become a time of a special prayer, fast, and repentance, a time of spiritual preparation for the Easter holiday.

And forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us. Forgiveness is the essential condition of the Christian life. When we forgive our neighbours, we relieve ourselves of a heavy burden, get renewed and purge ourselves spiritually. Archbishop of Lviv,RightRev.Ihor Voznyak (picture 24) in the series of his spiritual studies was talking about how to prepare to the Lent, how to learn to forgive, how to carry ones cross without complaints, but with obedience, no matter whether it is big or small, heavy or easy. These sermons were broadcasted in morning deliveries of Voskresinnya Radio during the forty days.

Picture 25 Good feedback from the radio audience was received by the Lent recollections of Taras Semeyuk, a student of the Lviv Theological Seminary (picture 25). In one of the radio broadcasts a young seminarian offered to reflect about what loneliness means for us, and how we could help those who suffer from loneliness to feel afriendly shoulder nearby. In his reflections he also touches upon problems of childs upbringing.

The Lent is a time when one can be alone with oneself, go down to the most forgotten nooks of ones soul and bring them to order. When striving for repentance, this way a person will find easier to understand himself/herself, to review ones relations with other people, and to ask for Gods help in this œ this was spiritual advice given by a priest to be.

Picture 26 To support people in their fight with passions,and encourage them,in them iddle of the 40-day Lent the Church reminds about the standard of strength, salvation and triumph. This standard is the Saint Lords Cross. This is the cross that reminds us about the Passion of Lord Jesus Christ, his martyr way for the sake of triumph of love. That is why the third Sunday of the Lent is called Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross. Head of the Australian Foundation of Naval Chaplains Father Oleksandr Kenez (picture 26) in his sermons described the peculiarities of Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross,as well as the meaning and spiritual content of each Sunday of the Lent.

picture 27 Priest of the UGCC Andriy Kaschuk (picture 27) reflected about the spiritual benefit sof the Lent that involved the whole Christian world, including those benefits and results that every Christian should receive after the ordeal completion.

Taras Babenchuk, a student of the Lviv Theological Seminary, in the series of programs The Lent Recollections dwelled on the fight of human feelings and mutual overcoming, as well as what can be opposed to it, and how human relations form in the present society.

Picture 28 The Holly Week. A week when Christ made a great sacrifice for us, accepted the crucifixion and death. But his way is not finished with the death. On the third day after death there was the Resurrection, which became apledge for our resurrection to happy eternal life.

These feelings, as well as the Passion of Christ, a prayer and suffering of the Gods Mother watching the crucifixion of her son are reflected in poems of Lviv poet Zenoviy Taras Masnyy (picture 28).

Picture 29Palm Sunday, Lords arrival at Jerusalem. This holiday is one of the 12 biggest religious holidays. This day people walk in processions with palm branches. In Ukraine palm and olive branches were replaced by willow, that is why Palm Sunday is called Willow Sunday, or Vaija Sunday. Vaija is a name for palm branches in Greek and in Church Slavonic. In the prayer-book, in a prayer to bless palm branches, this branch is also called the symbol of the resurrection.

Archbishop of Lviv of the UGCC, Right Rev. Ihor Voznyak talked about symbolism of Palm Sunday (picture 29 - anicon of Palm Sunday)in his spiritual preaching,whereas priest Oleksandr Kenez in his sermon reflected on unusualness and peculiarities of the triumphal arrival of Jesus at Jerusalem.

The holy festival of Easter, the Resurrection of Christ is the major holiday over holidays,at riumph over triumphs,which comes each time toremind now,as two thousand years ago, about great Gods love and strength. God gives hope and faith, strengthens in good deals and shows a way to salvation, to the victory over oneself. May you rejoice and be merry œ this song is sung in churches.

picture 30 Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Lubomyr congratulated the audience with Easter.

The Easter programs also included festive reflections of Archbishop of Lviv of the UGCC, Right Rev. Ihor Voznyak, and Easter wishes from father Oleksandr Kenez.

Sunday after Easter has a few names: Thomas Sunday, Antipascha, New or Renewed Sunday, White Sunday, or Sunday in White Clothes, and Attending Sunday.

This day œ as the Synacsar of Thomas Sunday writes œ on the second Sunday after Easter we celebrate renewal of the Resurrection of Christ. In ancient times those who were baptized on Holy Saturday, during the whole Holy Week wore white clothes, but on Thomas Sunday would take them off. A tradition remained to commemorate the dead and pray for their soles at cemeteries this Sunday. Archbishop of Lviv of the UGCC, Right Rev. Ihor Voznyak (picture 30) in his sermon spoke about the spiritual meaning of this Sunday.

Picture 31 On the third Sunday after Easter the Church recollects myrrh-bearing women.They were witnesses of Christs death and brought myrrh to the Lords Grave to anoint the body of Jesus according to the tradition. Later they became preachers of the Resurrection.

Showing the example of these women the Church teaches people in sincere faith,passionate love and unfailing devotion to Our Lord Jesus during the whole life, regardless of state of mind or life uncertainties. The thematic program dedicated to this Sunday offered the abstract from the Gospel of Mark, as well as a sermon of Father Oleksandr Kenez (picture 31).

Spiritual Studies and Stories on Holidays

Picture 32 On the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Christ the Holy Spirit descended to the apostles and they received a gift to preach the word of God in different languages. The holiday of Christian Pentecost comprises a dual triumph: to the glory of the Holy Trinity and Holy Spirit. In these days the mystical body of Christ œ the Church emerged, that united the Gods people. From this day the Church glorifies three persons of a single divinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Archbishop of Lviv of the UGCC, Right Rev. Ihor Voznyak (picture 32) in his sermon described the deep church traditions of the Pentecost holiday.

Priest of the UGCC Orest Hlubish in his sermon talked about the elevated state of a human soul, ability to rejoice, and not to give way to despair.

Christians prepare so thoroughly to Easter with the 40-day Lent that after this holiday a question arises unintentionally: what to do now, how to behave after Easter. On this reflected priest Oleksandr Kenez.

Doctor of historic science Mykhaylo Kril in the thematic issue described the self- denying activities of Saint High Apostles Peter and Paul and their life. The same author also dwelled on respecting the memory of Blessed Princess Olha, memory of Reverend Antoniy Pecherskyy and other saints.

That who pray and fast, that has two wings easier that the wind - Saint Ivan Zolotoustyy wrote. On the fourth of June in the Orthodox Church and the Greek Catholic Church the Petrivka fast started, also called the apostolic fast, summer fast, Peters fast. This year the duration of the Petrivka fast was thirty seven days. The fast is a good opportunity to purify a body and soul, to reestablish ones relations with the closest ones, and to thoroughly work on ones character in Christian qualities and values. These Christian qualities and asense of Christian forgiveness were the topic of Sunday sermons delivered by Right Reverend Ihor Voznyak, Archbishop of Lviv of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

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