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For Supervising Council
of Voskresinnya Radio
to be considered at the meeting
on November 30, 2007 AD.

Project Director: Myroslav PAVLYUK

Editor-in-Chief: Vasyl KOVALYSHYN



List of Transmitters

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Among issues that the Church nowadays pays a special attention to is a work of Christian upbringing of the youth, and their proper preparation to mature life. Therefore the year of 2007 was proclaimed the Year of the Youth. This topic has many facets, as the foundations of the Christian consciousness, and especially the upbringing complex, cover the most various aspects during human life. Taking into account this and many other issues of life of the Christian community the spectrum of programs topics of Voskresinnya Radio was formed in 2007.

Some aspects of the mentioned issues were more deeply covered in thematic series of radio stories, in particular, radio broadcasts about saving life of unborn children Abortion. Causes. Process. Consequences were especially urgent. These programs voiced the opinions of experts in gynecology and psychiatry, stories of people who decided on abortion and those who, despite the unfavourable conditions, decided on childbirth. Many aspects of formation of the Christian consciousness, its reflection in specific life situations, creative works of writers or people famous in the society were covered in the thematic series of radio programs A Road to the Church by candidate of historic science Petro Shkrabyuk. Numerous radio stories about childrens Christian literature, magazines and creative work made broadcasts of Voskresinnya Radio more cognitive and informational. Worth mentioning is the thematic series of radio programs The Church and the Society which offered to the audience stories about the institute of chaplains functioning in the modern Ukrainian army, laymans praying groups, view of the Church on social issues, for instance, related to family policy, view on political life of the state, etc. The rubric From Life of the Church was also quite extensive, it described key and routine events of life of the Christian community, Councils, Synods, construction of churches, and pilgrimages, etc.

Indisputably, deepness and competence of coverage of specific issues depend on a person participating in a radio program. This approach to preparing radio programs allows describing many aspects of specific topics not available for an average listener. That is why competent guests were often invited to participate in programs of Voskresinnya Radio, who covered specific topics in a competent and interesting way. Among them: Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) His Beatitude Lubomyr, RightRev.Bohdan Dzyurakh, Rev.HlibLonchyna, Right Rev.Ihor Voznyak, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Antuan Arzhakovskyy, Head of the Commission Ministry in Health Care in the Archeparchy of Lviv Volodymyr Lyupak, Head of the Australian Foundation of Naval Chaplains Father Oleksandr Kenez,Fathers Sevastian Dmytrukh, Yosyf Milyan and others. Many secular people were participants of radio programs, including Director of Caritas Organization of the Eparchy of Stryy of the UGCC Lidiya Kovalska, candidate of philosophic science Serhiy Zdioruk, professors Mykhaylo Haykovskyy, Mykola Tymoshyk, Chair of the Department of Social Pedagogics of the Humanities Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University Mariya Shved,Head of the Department of the Lviv Region Clinical Psychiatric Hospital, member of the International Institute of Abortion and Child Abuse Issues Dr Zenoviy Onyshko and others.

Stories of competent and interesting authors, and correspondingly, cognitive and spiritually rich broadcasts do not leave the audience indifferent. Sincere feedback on radio programs is especially pleasant, as well as receiving stories from our listeners (picture 1) about the topics they are interested in. Especially edifying and interesting for us and our audience were letters from Director of the Ivano-Frankivsk State History Memorial Museum Oleksa Dovbush, academician Volodymyr Hrabovetsky telling a story about spiritual and historical monuments of this Pre-Carpathian land; letters from Father Meletiy Batoha, the Order of Saint Basil the Great, from Bar with stories about Saint Joan Beretta Molla; letter with a story about the spiritual maydan in Kyiv from listener H. Pecharska, anxious letters about problems of modern upbringing from Volodymyr Ilchenko from Nonovolynsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, Mykola Yaschenko from Lokhvytsya, Poltava region, and many others. Our audience is presented by people of different age groups, social groups, educational level, and financial status. As for a number, according to TNS Ukraine on the First Channel of National Radio the evening program of Voskresinnya Radio is, for example, listened to by about three million people in Ukraine at the same time. Geography of the listeners correspondence strengthens efforts and confidence in what we do and also serves an evidence of effectiveness and good broadcasting coverage.

(photo 1) scheme of transmitters location
This year broadcasts of Voskresinnya Radio were disseminated via the All-Ukrainian cable network and simultaneously in the system of numerous transmitters, which layout is shown on the picture 2.

Programs of Voskresinnya Radio are also included to the schedule of satellite broadcasting of UR-1, which is available on the website of the TV and Radio Company (http://www.nrcu.gov.ua).

The schedule of radio programs transmission in 2007 was formed as follows:
- the First Channel of National Radio: Monday at 23.10, Tuesday at 21.30, and Thursday at 22.30;
- the RadioNetwork of Radio Company "Western Capital": Wednesdayat 14.40, Saturday at 15.40, and Sunday at 8.40; and
- Eko-Radio (Lviv): every day at 7.00, from Monday till Friday at 15.05 and 21.05, and on Saturday and Sunday at 17.00 in a block with the leader of social and political programs Radio Svoboda.

Broadcasts at the First Channel of Ukrainian Radio are transmitted from the central apparatus room in Kyiv (26 Kreschatyk St.) via the cable (hard-wire) radio network of the Ministry of Communication of Ukraine and transmitters, 92 in total (for the list of transmitters, their location, power, and frequencies see pgs. 7-9). The mentioned radio broadcasting channel at present has the largest coverage of the Ukrainian territory. The professional level of programs of Voskresinnya Radio is also confirmed by meeting the requirements of technical, contextual and linguistic-stylistic character set by the editors of UR-1. Voskresinnya Radio programs are also announced in advertising of UR-1 and included into the daily radio broadcasting program published in the All-Ukrainian newspaper Ukraine talks and shows (picture 3,4).

The digital version of radio transmissions is updated daily on the website of Voskresinnya Radio at http://www.rr.lviv.ua. One of the advantages of this format is a possibility both to listen to a program on the day of broadcasting, and find a necessary transmission in a few months in the electronic archives. The website of Voskresinnya Radio contains thematic rubrics in different digital formats: audio, photo, video and text materials. This year the audio rubric Events. Facts. Comments offered not only sound material, but also its text version. Statistics of our website visiting confirms necessity and expedience of text decoding of the most topical materials. Materials of rubrics Musical premieres, Authors, Photo Report, Word for Word, and others are also updated on a regular basis, they cover text materials, audio presentations, and digital audio versions of spiritual music, thematic series of radio stories, which either received the largest feedback from the radio audience or are the most topical.

Presence of our radio broadcasting in the Internet significantly expands the map of radio program transmission, which goes far beyond Ukraine. In addition, due to the Internet this year a close cooperation was established with Head of the Australian Foundation of Naval Chaplains Father Oleksandr Kenez and the Secretariat of the Ministry of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Brussels.

The list of transmitters of First channel of Ukrainian Radio, which transmit the Voskresinnia Radio programs.

Location Range Frequency Power
Vinnytsya region
Bershad' USW Mono 70,1 4
Vinnytsia USW Mono 71,69 4
Volyn region
Horohiv USW Mono 71,93 0,08
Kovel' USW Mono 66,02 4
Lutsk USW Mono 71,36 0,08
Dnipropetrovsk region
Dnipropetrovsk USW Mono 68,36 4
Kryvyj Rih USW Mono 71,63 4
Nikopol' USW Mono 68,38 1
Donetsk region
Donetsk USW Mono 69,77 4
Kramatorsk USW Mono 69,41 4
Mariupol' USW Mono 67,34 4
Zhytomyr region
Andriivka USW Mono 71,9 4
Olevsk USW Mono 69,8 4
Zakarpattya region
Velykyj Bereznyj USW Mono 68,42 0,1
Mizhiria USW Mono 70,64 0,1
Rahiv USW Mono 70,19 2
Uzhorod USW Mono 69,53 4
Hust USW Mono 70,04 4
Zaporizzhya region
Berdiansk USW Mono 68,57 0,1
Zaporizzhia USW Mono 70,73 4
Komysh-Zoria USW Mono 68,99 4
Melitopol' USW Mono 68,72 2
Prymorsk USW Mono 69,17 0,08
Tokmak USW Mono 71,06 0,1
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ivano-Frankivsk USW Mono 71,24 4
Kyiv region
Kyiv LW Mono 0,207 500 (250)
Kyiv USW Stereo 68,51 15
Kyiv USW(FM) Stereo 105 5
Tetijiv USW Mono 70,22 0,1
Kirovohrad region
Kirovohrad USW Mono 66,98 4
AR Crimea
Alupka USW Mono 72,38 0,02
Alushta USW Mono 67,7 0,1
Kerch USW Mono 71,66 4
Krasnoperekopsk USW Mono 66,8 4
Nikita USW Mono 71,3 0,1
Octiabrske MW 0,648 150
Sevastopol' USW Mono 67,25 4
Simferopol' MW 1,584 1
Simferopol' USW Mono 66,68 4
Sovietskyj USW Mono 72,2 4
Luhansk region
Luhansk USW Mono 68,75 1
Rovenky USW Mono 69,08 4
Starobilsk USW Mono 69,65 4
Lviv region
Lviv USW Mono 67,04 4
Mykolayiv region
Mykolajiv USW Mono 69,8 4
Pervomajsk USW Mono 69,92 4
Odessa region
Zhovten' USW Mono 68,99 4
Kamianske USW Mono 66,59 4
Kotovsk USW Mono 67,25 4
Odesa USW Mono 70,52 4
Poltava region
Hadiach USW Mono 102,1 0.03
Hrebinka USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Iskrivka USW Mono 65,96 0,75
Karlivka USW Mono 73,7 0,03
Kotelva USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Krasnohorivka USW Mono 66,08 4
Kremenchuk USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Leliuhivka USW Mono 69,47 0,75
Lohvytsia USW Mono 73,88 0,1
Novi Martynovychi USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Poltava USW Mono 71,21 0,1
Chornuhy USW Mono 102,2 0,03
Chutove USW Mono 67,64 0,03
Rivne region
Rivne (Antopil') USW Mono 66,73 4
Sumy region
Bilopillia USW Mono 66,5 4
Trostianets USW Mono 68,75 4
Shostka USW Mono 65,93 4
Ternopil region
Berezhany USW Mono 67,28 0,05
Buchach USW Mono 66,05 0,05
Ternopil' (Lozova) USW Mono 69,83 4
Chortkiv USW Mono 66,59 0,05
Shumsk USW Mono 70,7 0,05
Kharkiv region
Zachepylivka USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Izium USW Mono 72,08 4
Harkiv USW Mono 67,13 4
Kherson region
Vasylivka USW Mono 69,23 4
Herson USW Mono 71,9 4
Khmelnytsk region
Volochysk USW Mono 68,72 4
Horodok USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Iziaslav USW Mono 66,32 0,1
Kulchyjivtsi (Kam.-Podilskyj) USW Mono 70,76 4
Polonne USW Mono 68,06 0,1
Hmelnytskyj USW Mono 67,7 4
Chemerivtsi USW Mono 70,88 0,1
Shepetivka USW Mono 66,08 0,1
Cherkasy region
Buky USW Mono 67,88 4
Cherkasy USW Mono 72,2 4
Chernivtsi region
Novodnistrovsk USW Mono 69,59 4
Chernivtsi USW Mono 69,26 4
Chernihiv region
Pryluky USW Mono 71 4
Holmy USW Mono 66,71 4
Chernihiv USW Mono 69,47 4

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