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Church and Society

(photo 90) Executive director Taras BoykoExecutive director Taras Boyko (photo 90) told about international Festival of Christian book.

Press secretary of Lviv Archdiocese of UGCC priest Oleh Panchynyak talked in the studio of Voskresinnia Radio about the life of Greek Catholics in the Eastern Ukraine with father Ivan Tretyak, administrator of parish of the Holiest God's Mother Pokrova in Vilcha town in Kharkiv region.

(photo 91) «Piznay pravdu»

Periodical «Piznay pravdu» (photo 91) celebrated its tenth anniversary, published under the blessing of rectorate of Lviv theological seminary of Holy Spirit. During ten years the authors of the editions shared their knowledge and spiritual experience with readers. The magazine is circulated in various parts of Ukraine, Accompanying the students of the Seminary, it visited Ukrainian Diaspora, in particular, in Italy, SILA, Canada, and Russia. Hundreds of future priests had the possibility to express their opinions in the magazine. Significant part of publiations in «Piznay pravdu» is dedicated to philosophical and theological themes. Since year 2006 is announced by Christian Churches as year of child's spiritual world protection, jubilee edition of periodical is dedicated to this idea. The editor of «Piznay pravdu» Andriy Soletskyy told about the magazine.

(photo 92) Doctor of Philosophy Anatoliy KolodnyyThis year we witnessed the wave of protests among Muslims regarding 12 caricatures for prophet Mohamed. These caricatures were published as far back as in September last year in Denmark, while in February they were reprinted by a number of European editions. It resulted in the emotional outbreak with mass consequences and victims. In fact, diplomatic, informational and economic war started. Famous Ukrainian art critic and professor Dmytro Vlasovych Stepovyk commented the situation in the air of Voskresinnia Radio.

Doctor of Philosophy Anatoliy Kolodnyy (photo 92) tells about priority trends of activity of the Department of Religion Studies of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

On March 7, this year, Yaroslav Isayevych, Director of Ivan Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, doctor of historical science, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, celebrated the 70th anniversary of his birth.Yaroslav Isayevych is the author of eight monographs. In over 600 articles and review dedicated to several aspects of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe he is the author. The scholar researched the history of the Galician-Volyn state, life and activity ofYuriy Drohobych, history of Ukrainian brotherhoods of the XVIth-XVIIth centuries, sources and development of Ukrainian book publishing. He is the co-editor of a substantial catalogue of Ukrainian old editions. Ukrainian-Polish relations are in the focus of the scholar's interests. These researches are integrally intertwined with Christianity and religious surveys which became the topic of the interview with Yaroslav Isayevych. Since 1958 he has been working at Lviv Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and for the last 17 years - at the position of the director.

(photo 93) Priest Nazariy ZatorskyyPriest Nazariy Zatorskyy (photo 93), told about spiritual aspects of the problems which Ukraine faces while moving towards the European Union.

On August 18-20, 2006 the IVth World Forum of Ukrainians took place in Kyiv, and according to mass media data, over 3 thousand delegates participated in it.Areligious aspect of the forum's work through the prism of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church is provided in the topical program of father Ihor Yatsiv (photo 94).

(photo 94) father Ihor YatsivAlready five years have passed since the time when Ukraine was visited by the Ecumenical Patriarch John Paul II. The present visit started with the Holy Father's kiss of the Ukrainian land, which, having stood decades of red outrage, finally witness this blessed epoch.

There was a narration about this visit in the program ofVoskresinnia Radio, in particular, it was told how John Paul II was presented a rosary, made of prison bread which has stood horrible years of GULAG. Coordinator of the visit of Roman Pope to Ukraine, celibate priest of the Order of Saint Basil the Great Teodoziy Yankiv (photo 95), also shared his reminiscences.
(photo 95) celibate priest of the Order of Saint Basil the Great Teodoziy Yankiv
The Prophet's caricatures, release of films and publication of books entitled «Da Vinchi Code», «Gospel of Judah», etc. - these are the works which hurt religion feelings of religions people all over the world. That is why in different regions their appearance was treated in different ways, partially, in quite an aggressive way. Repre-sentatives of religious denominations of Ukraine also could not but react to such situation. A declaration was made in the program of Voskresinnia Radio on this occasion from the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches, there also was a comment of the Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar and narration about the session of the above-mentioned joint body at which the Declaration was passed.

(photo 96) Petro Husak

The cycle of programs on the topic «Abortions. Causes. Procedure. Consequences » dwelt upon the notion of abortion and the attitude of the Church to this phenomenon. Senior research fellow of the Institute of Family and Marital Life affiliated with the Ukrainian Catholic University Petro Husak (photo 96), director of the Institute of Family and Marital Life affiliated with the Ukrainian Catholic University Yuriy Pidlisnyy participated in the programs, there were also some fragments of the story about the Serbian doctor Stoyan Adayovich, etc.

Programs for youth

Within the framework of the action «Christmas together» over two thousand young people from Eastern Ukraine came to Lviv. They lived with Lviv families, got acquainted with old Ukrainian Christmas traditions which have been preserved in the West of Ukraine, they went along decorated streets of the old city, listened to Christmas carols and learnt to sing them themselves.

A large interesting program of Christmas holidays was prepared was the guests: spending the Christmas Eve in the family, making excursions around Lviv, visiting Lviv theatres, watching competition of verteps, attending students meetings, Christmas entertainments, photo exhibitions, having trips to Krekhiv and Univ. A lot of pleasant surprises were prepared. There was a gift for each participant of the action - a small rucksack in which there was, in particular, a book of carols published specifically for the action «Christmas together ». Along with carols there were texts of Christmas liturgies, the lesson of Ivan Zlatoust for the holiday of Christmas, history and mystery of Christmas.

Participants and organizations of the action shared their impressions of these holidays.

The guests of the studio of Voskresinnia Radio Maryan Bodnar and head of the Ukrainian Youth for Christ in Lviv Vasyl Urbanovych told about the activity of the youth organization «Ukrainian Youth for Christ», which goes as far back as to the 30ies of the previous century. Today it has over 200 members in Lviv region. Its centers are also available in many cities of Ukraine, the largest of them being in Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyy, Yalta, Donetsk.

(photo 97) the archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Petro StasyukIn 2008 in Sidney (Australia) theWorld Youth Day is going to take place. The Organizational Committee is headed by George Pel. It also includes representatives of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. In Australia up to 500000 pilgrims are expected, which is twice as much as those who came for the Olympiad. Organizers invite Ukrainian youth as well. The airlines will have special charter flights, which are cheaper than the usual ones. More detailed information on this pilgrimage was provided in the program of Vo skerisnnia Radio by the archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Petro Stasyuk (photo 97), eparch of Catholic Ukrainians in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

Confessor father Andriy Kashchuk narrated about the activity of St. Andrew's Youth Brotherhood which functions at the church of the same name in Lviv in Varshavska St.

15 years in ether

Material extracts, presented in the report for year 2006 illustrate themes and issues, that were raised on air of Voskresinnia Radio. Listeners' comments and actual problems which were especially burning to be highlighted in the context of Christ's lesson were one of the main sources for topic pick up for programmes of Radio.

Quite a number of issues are at the stage of elaboration and shall be available for public in future programmes. Among them are matters, related to preservation and strengthening of families, Christian education, immigration and problem of broken families, separate aspects of Christian belief, issue of ecumenism, vocation to monk life and ministerial duty; social tasks of the Church; radio versions of works of modern Christian literature etc.

And to complete our report we would like to dwell upon our little jubilee.

(photo 98)This year it is 15 years since first programme of Voskresinnia Radio was broadcast by transmitter on Vysokyy Zamok in Lviv. The event took place on October 27, 1991. And though our radio's programmes were on air earlier, they were broadcast from abroad, namely by transmitters in Monte-Carlo, while the programmes the programmes themselves were recorded in studio SKTK in Brussels. The state monopoly for air was broken for the first time in Ukraine, And though Voskresinnia Radio was not a radio station in its full meaning, but the voice of the Church legally sounded in the homeland for the first time. This exactly programme was a starting point for Lviv edition office. Already in the next, 1992 year, edition office started producing everyday programmes, and quite soon the transmission range covered the whole territory of Ukraine, which gained its independence. Voskresinnia Radio became a unique phenomenon in Ukrainian air. And this uniqueness was thrice highlighted by Divine Intent. You can judge by yourself. Nongovernmental radio programme sounded for the first time on all-governmental air. At the same time it was not produced in the capital. And to crown everything, it was produced in Lviv! And what is more, besides Lviv production, the programme was created in the studio, which belonged to Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church! We thank God for many years of surveillance, and we are grateful to our friends, workers, authors and listeners.

We especially appreciate many years of support by workers of charity organization «Kirshe in Not» and we pray for health of our sponsors, because our work would not be realized without their generous donations.

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