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New appointments in Ukrainian
Greek Catholic Church

(photo 77) father Bohdan DzyurahOn the eve of Candlemas we recorded the interview with father Bohdan Dzyurah (photo 77). The subject of the conversation were future bishop initiations of father Bohdan, to be held on holiday of Candlemas. The priest shared his thoughts and feelings before important event of his life.

Music page

(photo 78) Famous conductor Roger MacMerrinFamous conductor Roger MacMerrin (photo 78), the manager of Kyiv Symphony Choir and Orchestra, told about music heritage of Mendelson, Gendel, Bach and other famous composers. Mr. Roger is an American, though lives and works in Kyiv for 10 years already, heading haritative charity mission of Presbyterian Church.

Church History

(photo 80) Oleg Turiy, director of the Institute of the Church History«Violance of power against freedom of conscience: Repressive policy of Soviet State regarding Christian churches and believers (ideological considerations, implementation mechanisms, historic consequences)» - International Scholarly Conference under such name took place on March 3-4 in Kyiv. The conference was organized by the National University Kyyevo-Mohylyanska Academy and the Ukrainian Catholic University. In March 2006 60 years passed from the official liquidation of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Halychyna by the State government by its forced merge with the Russian Orthodox Church. This occurred at the socalled Lviv Lviv Cathedral in 1946. Later Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church was destroyed in Zakarpattya with its structures ruined at the territory of modern Poland and Slovakia. Oleg Turiy, director of the Institute of the Church History, said about the conference aim and objectives (photo 80).

(photo 79) the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar, the Head of the Greek-Catholic ChurchApart from that, the main theses of the conference reporters were discussed in the special issue of Radio Voskresinnia.

This year a regular sitting of the Synod of Kyiv-Halytska Metropolitan Bishops of UGCC was held. The Synod issued an epistle to the clergy, monkhood and the laity on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Lviv pseudo-cathedral of 1946. Particular emphasis is made on marking the tragic date - 60th anniversary of Lviv pseudo- cathedral and it was decided to establish the Honorable Organization Committee to which each diocese and exarchate should delegate three persons. Members of the Honorable organization Committee will symbolize all believers who during the years of UGCC persecution suffered depression and humiliation, commented the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar, the Head of the Greek-Catholic Church (photo 79).

(photo 82)

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(photo 85)

«Tragic Pages from UGCC History» is the cycle of radio broadcastings dedicated to 60th anniversary of the official liquidation of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Halychyna by the State government by its forced merge with the Russian.

Orthodox Church. Author's programs by Oleg Turiy, director of the Institute of the Church History.

«60th anniversary of the Lviv pseudo convocation» - this was the core theme of the panel discussion at the 16th conference named «History of Religions in Ukraine» took place in Lviv in May this year. In numerous reports and short reviews wellknown Ukrainian scientists disputed on the most discussible questions of this problem: whether the Church was able to resist to that what happened; how, when and by whom the preparations to the pseudo convocation were made; what persons belonged to the «initiation group»; about the paradox fact of the requiem service for the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy (Metropolitan of the Church they were destroying), the reasons of the failure of action destroying UGCC etc. These and other questions were depicted in the documents and materials collection named «The Way of the Cross», adjusted by participator of the Voskresinnia Radio station, candidate of history sciences Myhaylo Haykovskyy.

The block of the radio programs «Tragic Pages of the UGCC History» of Oleh Turiy and program of the «Voskresinnya» Radio station with the participation of the Blessed Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar were dedicated to this theme. In the program fragments of the Letter of the President of UkraineViktorYushchenko to the hierarchs and believers of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church were quoted.

Religious procession (photo 82-85) In the streets of Lviv was described by protosyncle of Lviv Archdiocese of UGCC father Orest Fredyna.

(photo 81) the Holiest Father Venedykt XVIThe programmes also included radio version of the Letter of the Holiest Father Venedykt XVI (photo 81) to the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar, Supreme Archbishop Kievo-Halytskyy of UGCC related to pseudo cathedral 1946. This letter sounded in Lviv, in the Cathedral of St. George, during the Divine Liturgy, held exactly in 60 years after the pseudo cathedral was held in the same place 60 years ago.

(photo 86) Oksana Surmach

The block of programs «Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church during German occupation regime 1941 - 1944 in Ukraine» with participation of Oksana Surmach (photo 86), the author of the same-name book included stories substantiated with the archives and witnesses memories on the care the UGCC showed for the orphans, the starving, captives, refugees, on the speeches of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy to protect the Jews during the German occupation, for which many UGCC leaders paid with their freedom, and sometimes even their lives. The whole book gives a sound scolding to claims about «swastika on soutanes», so to say cooperation of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church headed by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy with German occupants.

(photo 87) Yaroslav Isayevych, doctor of Historical SciencesReligion Studies research of the institute of Ukrainian Studies named after I.Krypyakevych were discussed in the interview with Yaroslav Isayevych, doctor of Historical Sciences, NASU academician (picture 87). Yaroslav Isayevych is an author of eight monographs, over 600 researches dedicated to the historic and cultural heritage of Ukraine and Central-Easter Europe.

These researches are integrally linked with Christianity and religion studies research.
Ukrainian Studies Institute covers multiple disciplines. The running departments include archeology, history of the Middle Ages, the newest history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian language, the Ukrainian Literature, and philosophy. The most ancient epoch is the domain of archeologists.

(photo 88) Professor, Doctor of theology and art history Dmytro StepovykProfessor, Doctor of theology and art history Dmytro Stepovyk in his work «World religions» wrote about the first steps of the Church, its formation and shaping (photo 88).

The Head of sacred Lviv Archdiocesan of Greek Catholic church Art committee, celibate priest Studium Sevastian Dmytruch in his interview with priest Oleh Panchyniak press secretary of Lviv Archdiocesan told about sister studite Mariya Liacher with whom he was personally acquainted. He put an emphasis upon the childhood and adolescence of sister Mariya.

1990 the priests Vasilians came back to Goshiv Monastery and started renovating the buildings of the Monastery and Church, at the same time they initiated the numerous pilgrimages to the wonderworking icon.

(photo 89) The replica of the icon of Goshiv Virgin MaryThe replica of the icon of Goshiv Virgin Mary (photo 89) that was blessed by Pope Joan Paul II was reduplicated by priest Juvenaliy Mokrytskyy.

Paroh of the Assumption Cathdral in Hlynyany town of Lviv region priest Dmytro Maykut told about the history of town and the cathedral, a unique architectural building.

This year Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church celebrates 250 anniversary of birth of MetropolitanHalytskyy, LvivArhcbishop, Kamyanets-Podilskyy bishop Antoniy Anhelovych. Solemnities started on 8 of April with Divine Liturgy in Lviv archycathedral of St. George, Headed by Archbishop Ihor Voznyak. In Lviv museum of religion history an exhibition was opened, dedicated to Metroplotan AntoniyAnhelovych and a solemn academy was held in Holiest Eucharist Cathedral. On the date of Antoniy Anhelovych birth, 14th of April, bibliographic exhibition was opened in the Scientific Library named after Vasyl Stephanyk of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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