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III All-Ukrainian contest of chorus conductors was held on 12-16 of December in Kyiv. Spiritual works of Kyrylo Stetsenko were performed, in particular, «Bless God, my soul», parts of «Vespers» by Sergiy Rahmaninov, «Requiem» by Mozart, «Ivan Damaskin» by Daneev, chorus concerts of Bortnyanskyy,Vedel. The competition was participated by young conductors of honoured choir «Trembita», Laureates of Shevchenko Premium. Laureates of the contest Khrystyna Pankevych, students Tetyana Kirnychuk, Maryana Ferondovych, participant Maryana Shyketa told about their participation in the competition in the studio of Voskresinnia Radio.

(photo 68)Historian and author of book «Vasylian sacred places» Volodymyr HishchynskyyThose willing to welcome the spring and Resurrection of Christ by song and dance, found the most popular hayivkas in collection under the title «Hayivkas», printed by the publishing house at Lviv Cathedral of Nativity of the Holiest Mother of God, located in Syhiv, under the blessing of the cathedral's paroh father Orest Fredyna.

Composer of the collection of hayivkas Halyna Potyuk told about the preparation of materials.

The cycle of radio stories under the title «Ukrainian sacred places». Its aim is to acquaint with spiritual heritage of Ukrainian people: spiritual trips to absolution places, monasteries, where God's people flooded for centuries for prayer to receive God's blessing, absolution, soul peace and calmness. Till now there are wonderworking icons of God's Mother in many monasteries and churches. Historian and author of book «Vasylian sacred places» Volodymyr Hishchynskyy told about their destiny (photo 68).

(photo 67) UGCC priest Yosyph MilyanIn Lviv, seventh Christmas festival «Velyka Kolyada» was held in Cathedral of the Holy Eucharist. The best choruses sang from 7 to 29 of January. This year there were over 30 of them, and not only from Lviv region, but also from Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, as well as from Lublin (Poland).

Lviv inhabitants and gusts of the city, which were quite numerous for Christmas holidays, could join the mighty action.

The festival was told about by UGCC priest Yosyph Milyan (photo 67).

(photo 69) celibate priest Sevastiyan Dmytrukh

On Cross Bowing Sunday, 26 of March, opening of exhibition «Passions of Christ» was held in the National museum named after Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy in Lviv. Icons and sculptures, represented in exposition, constitute the collection of sacral art works of XVII-XX centuries from collection «Studion» of monks-studites. Exhibition curator - celibate priest Sevastiyan Dmytrukh (photo 69), head of commission of sacral art of Lviv Archdiocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Vasyl Otkovych, art critic and laureate of National Premium of T. H.Shevchenko, told about the symbolicalness of exhibition opening exactly on 26th of March, on Cross Bowing Sunday, and on the day when Ukrainian people expressed their will on elections, as well as about special mission of exhibition.

(photo 70)

(photo 71)

(photo 72)

(photo 73)

This year Lviv National Museum named after Andrey Sheptytskyy celebrated its 100 anniversary. The status of Netional was officially attributed to the museum by the decree of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko in December last year. Opening of renewed permamnet exposition «Ukrainian art of XIX-beginning XX centuries» at Christmas time was dedicated to this exactly anniversary of the museum. Curator of the exhibition Oksana Zheplynska told about these events to the radio audience. Apart from that, another interesting exhibition «World of levkas and enamel» was also shown in the national museum named after Andrey Sheptytskyy, exposing ancient techniques of painting on levkased board and enamel in the vision of modern artists, which stipulated a whole variety of themes and styles. Numerous attempts to create such an exhibition found its reflection in catalogues «Imprezy», «Oznaka», «Sobor». «Levkas and enamel» as key technological peculiarities of works became the stem of new exposition. Levkas is a mixture of alabaster and chalk with glue, used for priming of wooden board. Thanks to levkas and enamel an unsurpassable play of light and shadow was created, as well as special relief of image, attributing depth and power to exhibited works. Technique of art enamel is rather time-consuming, nevertheless creating wonderful effects of light and colour. The ancient techniques of painting were dwelt upon in topical issue of Voskresinnia Radio.

Voskresinnia Radio dedicated topical issue to ancient techniques of painting. Last year a unique book was edited - a artistic album «Ukrainian folk pysanka». Its author and editor Vira manko told about the idea to create such an edition, history of preparation for print and about pysanka in general.

Numerous programmes were dedicated by Voskresinnia Radio to stories about sacral painting, in particular, to wonderworking icons of Krehivska and Krystynopilska BlessedVirgin, described by historian Volodymyr Hishchynskyy.

Lviv Museum of embroidered icons of father doctor Dmytro Blazhenovskyy exhibited works of group from Sarny economic and juridical lyceum «Leader» (photo 70-73). More than four years school graduates embroider the icons on examples of father doctor D. Blazhenovskyy in group «Vinichik tvorchosti». They are his followers. Major part of these icons (more than 25) are kept in the mini-museum of the lyceum. Members of the group and their tutors came to Lviv to show their works and share their own experience. The director of the lyceum Mariya Kolodiz told about the group.

In the period from 8 of June till 12 of July, 2006, the Museum exhibited embroidered icons of Iryna Svavolya from Kryvyy Rih under the title «Long way to oneself ». Traditionally the museum of father doctor Blazhenovskyy invites exhibitions of new, hardly known or unknown authors of embroidered icons from all Ukraine. Iryna Svavolya shared her experience and impressions in the studio of Voskresinnia Radio.

(photo 74)

(photo 75)

(photo 76)
As we can see, old Ukrainian art of embroidery is gradually reviving and receives new speed. The meeting of famous Ukrainian artists of embroidery from different parts of Ukraine in Lviv Museum of embroidered icons named after father doctor Dmytro Blazheyovskyy. The reason for meeting was 102 jubilee exhibition of 95-year old Ukrainian artistVira Royik in Lviv Museum of ethnography. Director of museum of embriodered icons father Ihor Kovalchuk, follower of father doctor Dmytro Blazheyovskyy, Yuriy Savka and the main hero of the exhibition Vira Serhiyivna Royik, embroidery artist, honoured master of folk creativity of Ukraine.

In Lviv artistic and memorial museum of Ivan Trush the exhibition «Ivan Trush and his age» was shown for the first time (photo 74-76), presenting portraits of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture, history, literature, painted by the artist in different periods. Among them there are in particular portraits of Myhaylo Drahomanov, Myhaylo Hrushevskyy, Lesya Ukrainka, avlo Zhyteskyy, Ivan Franko. Lyudmyla Pavlyshyn, the head of the department at artistic and memorial museum of Ivan Trush at National museum named after Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy in Lviv, told about portrait of hierarch of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church metropolitan Sylvestr Sembratovych, painted after his death in 1899.

The Institute of collecting of artistic monuments at Scientific Society named after Shevchenko and in cooperation with Lviv Museum of religion history opened in the museum exhibition «Folk icon of Bukovyna», to continue started last year series of exhibitions of Ukranian home folk icon from private collections. Here are works from collections of Valko, Lozynskyy, Petruk, Romaniv-Triska, Tsybko, Yaremchuk are presented.

Celibate priest Sevastiyan Dmytruh told about the collection of about sixty icons from Bukovyna, which gives the possibility to acquaint oneself with wide range of Ukrainian painters of icons on wood and glass.

Oles Manko, the first translator of four books «Chronics of Narnia» into Ukrainian and some other works of Clive Staples Luis, told in our studio about his work over creative heritage of the famous writer. Listeners of Voskresinnia Radio has the possibility to listen to radio version of well-known work of Clive Staples Luis «Cronics of Narnia».

«Preservation and salvage of Halychyna sacral monuments» is an international conference, held on 405 of May in Lviv, It was organized by lviv Archdiocese of Ukrainian greek catholic Church and monks of Studium charter. Scientists from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and specialists from Lviv, from Lutsk museum ofVolyn icon, reserve «Sophiya Kyivska», Donests regional studies museum participated in the conference. Celibate priest Sevastiyan Dmytruh, the head of commission of sacral art of Lviv Archdiocese of UGCC, told about the aim and goals of the conference.

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