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Christian song

(photo 60) Ostap StahivOne of the largest and deepest sacrament of Christian belief is the sacrament of God's Son's embodiment. Eternal God becomes an infant, but does not cease to be God. As John Evangelist says «And word became a body and settled between us». «Eternal God was born» Ukrainian carol goes. Christmas is a cradle of our belief.

National customs, carols wake up and support Christmas spirit. Carols, sang by Ostap Stahiv (photo 60), Taras Kurchyk, duet Pysanka, sounded on air.

(photo 59) bard Oles DyakThe song «Kolyada» started the series of programmes ofVoskresinnia Radio, participated by author of music, poet and composer, famous bard Oles Dyak (photo 59). The composer also performed in the programmes songs on poems of priest Yaroslav Lesiv.

(photo 61) Honoured singers of Ukraine Ivan Kavatsyuk and Oksana Savchuk

UGCC marked duet «Pysanka» with medal of God's Mother for propagation of spiritual song, the duet is also a laureate of International Premium «Friendship». Honoured singers of Ukraine Ivan Kavatsyuk and Oksana Savchuk told about their creative work for Voskresinnia Radio (photo 61).

Sides of ecumenism

(photo 62) doctor of philosophical sciences Oleksandr KahanSeries of programmes «National expressions of Orthodox Christianity. Ukrainian Aspect», participated by doctor of philosophical sciences Oleksandr Kahan (photo 62), dwelt upon in-depth aspects of existence of Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Voskresinnia Radio acquainted its listeners with comments of the Holiest Lyubomyr Huzar regarding union of Ukrainian churches, expressed at the press-conference in Ukrainian independent information agency of news in Kyiv.

Social service of Church

The ways the Church cares for the sick, as well as celebration of the Day of hospis and paliative care in Ukraine, were dwelt upon by the head of metropolitan commission of UGCC for ministry of health care, serving sister of Immaculate Virgin Mary, Nadiya Kotur.

Over 200 children with special needs and their families received spiritual and material help, having addressed to organization «Karitas» at Sambirska-DrohobytskaArchdiocese of UGCC. Totally there are over 600 of such children registered. Iryna Dzyurah, the head of society of handicapped children protection «Nadiya» and social worker for charity fund «Kartitas» at Sambirska- Drohobytska Archdiocese of UGCC, responsible for work with handicapped children and single people of declining years with scanty means, told about hem.

(photo 64) doctor Svyatoslav ShevchukFather doctor Svyatoslav Shevchuk (photo 64), administrator of Patriarch curia of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church told about his official visit to Argentina. The programme of the visit envisaged the visit to branch of Roman Ukrainian Catholic University of St. Klyment Pope of Rome in province Missiones, where 22 courses of Ukrainian studies were held for descendants of Ukrainian immigrants in Argentina.

On 14 of May, UGCC marked the Day of the Sick This day the Church joint for the first time to theWorld Day of the Sick, initiated on February 11, 1993, on the blessing of Pope Ivan Pavlo II. One prays for the sick and theo\ir families, for medical workers and persons, taking care over the sick, at the Divine Liturgy. Special attention of the Church is paid to problems of people with various mental disorders. Archdioceses held meetings, aimed at attracting attention of Christian community and public to problem of improving care for the sick and their place among us. In every parish priests visit medical institutions, delivering holy sacraments to sick people.
(photo 63) sister Nadiya KoturProgrammes of Voskresinnya Radio presented Ministerial Appeal of the Holiest Lyubomyr to the faithful of UGCC on the occasion of the Day of the sick in Kievo-Halytska metropolitan and interview with sister Nadiya Kotur (photo 63) (association of serving sisters of Immaculate Virgin Mary) on measures, scheduled for the Day of the sick in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Apart from that sister Nadiya told about activity, aim, task and aspects of Metropolitan commission of UGCC for ministry of health care.

(photo 65) candidate of pedagogical sciences Mariya ShvedOne can meet priests more often in Ukrainian military parts. Chaplains issue in Donetsk-Kharkivskyy exarchate of UGCC was the subject of interview with father Myhaylo Zaverchuk.

This year about 30 students have the possibility to study the programme of new profession in Ukrainian Catholic University: social pedagogics. Peculiarities of this programme in Catholic University and their topicality in Ukrainian society were described by associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences Mariya Shved (photo 65), head of pedagogics department at USU and manager of programme «Social pedagogics».

(photo 66) Consulting centers of supportEspecially burning issue is women's trade among migration problems, world community is facing nowadays. Since Ukraine opened boundaries, its citizens started for the West in hundreds of thousands. Since such a migration often has illegal character, lot of Ukrainian women found themselves in foreign brothels, where their life and health are at great risk. It is already more than two years that charity organization of Catholic Church «Karitas» helps victims, suggesting psychological, social and professional rehabilitation. Consulting centers of support (photo 66), functioning in Khmelnytskyy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sokal and Drohobych, were dwelt upon by Natalya Holynska, coordinator of project of help to women victims of man trade in Sambirska-Drohobytska Archdiocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Protection of life

Thematic radio programme on issues of abortions prevention was prepared by trainees of Voskresinnia Radio, students of Lviv State University Tetyana Lutsyk and Lidiya Hubych.

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