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Belief and science

(photo 51) Myhaylo Haykovskyy, candidate of historical sciencesAttitude of world Churches to ecology issues, activity of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy in terms of preservations and bringing up of ecology culture, global issues and aspects of ecology, spirituality and ecology - these and other matters were highlighted in the series of radio programmes «Religion and Ecology» by Myhaylo Haykovskyy, candidate of historical sciences (photo 51).

Sides of belief 

(photo 52) Byelorussian copy of Turin shroudIn years 2002-2004 the seventh and so far the best Byelorussian copy of Turin shroud stayed in Ukraine (photo 52, 53), which is permanently held in Cathedral of St. Simon and Olena in Minsk. Hundreds of the faithful in Greek Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals of Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Stryy, Lutsk and other cities had the possibility to bow to Minsk copy of Turin shroud. There is a number of written evidences, testifying to the facts when the faithful were blessed with recovery due to prayers before the Shroud. And now Ukraine possesses its own copy of relic, a unique coloured photocopy of which is presented for worship in Cathedral of St. George in Lviv. It became a subject of topic issue of Voskresinnia Radio.
(photo 53) Byelorussian copy of Turin shroud

In the course of the year author's rubric «Way to temple» by candidate of historical sciences, writer Petro Shkrabyuk (photo 54), presented stories on ways and circumstances, which brought to Christian belief many interesting and famous people. In particular, it concerns Ukrainian routes and cases to have played final and unique role in the change of outlook of Anton Chekhov, Mykola Hohol, Ivan Bunin, Myhayil Lermontov, Oleskandr Pushkin, Fedor
(photo 54) writer Petro ShkrabyukDostoyevskyy, Lev Tolstoy,Volodymyr Mayakovskyy, Anna Akhmatova. Wide reaction was given to stories about port Mykola Petrenko and his creative work, Vasilian monk Vasyl Medrun, talented writer of Spanish origin Natalena Koroleva, who managed to reach the heights of Ukrainian literature, talented writer Vasyl Koroliv-Staryy, whose creative work is marked with Christian belief and spirituality. Heroes of radio stories in this rubric were also celibate priest Yeremiya Lomnytskyy, Vasyl Vyshyvanyy, translator of Holy Scriptures Ivan Puliuy, princess Kunguta, author of translation for famous work «Prayer of Kunguta» priest Myhaylo Kozachynskyy. The audience also listened to stories about UGCC priest Yosyph Zasterets on his application of Ivan Franko candidature for Nobel prize and his relationships with metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy etc.

Apart from that, Petro Shkrabyuk prepared a series of radio programmes, dedicated to 150-th anniversary from birth of Ivan Yakovych Franko. It dwelt upon his spiritual views, creative work, family, in particular his sons Andriy, Petro, Taras, daughter Anna, wife Olha Khoruzhynska and grandchildren.

(photo 55) self-inflammation of candles besides Holy SepulcherThere are now few things left, which witnessed life of Jesus Christ on earth. In particular, these relics include kerchief of Veronika, the Saint wiped with it the face of the Saviour from sweat and blood, when He carries his cross to Calvary, fainting from pain and weariness. Author's rubric of Petro Shkrabyuk «Way to temple» dwelt upon Veronika's kerchief and self-inflammation of candles besides Holy Sepulcher (photo 55), witnessed for two thousand years already in Jerusalem once a year on Holy Saturday.

Director of publishing house «Nova Zorya» UGCC priest Ihor Pelehatyy told about International festival of Christian book.

Excursus into history of Easter national traditions was prepared by students of Lviv Theological Seminary of Holy Spirit Taras Semenyuk and Pavlo Drozdyak.

On 13-20 of September Patriarch Synod of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Bishops was held in Lviv. All UGCC bishops from Ukraine and settlements were present there. The major issue of the Synod was formation, education and life of priests. As tradition says, the work of the Synod was participated by bishops only. This year there were certain novelties introduced, namely that the laymen could participate also in the process of Synod preparation, sending their wishes and propositions. The Holiest Lyubomyr, Head Kyevo-Halytskyy Archbishop narrated about the preparation for the Synod of UGCC bishops.

This year we celebrate 425th anniversary from the date of publishing of Ostrozka Bible.

Father Rafayil Turkonyak translated this holy book into Ukrainian from old church Slavic for 30 years. He received blessing for such a work in 1975 from Patriarch Yosyph Slipyy. Ukrainian bible society published the translation of Ostorzka Bible in one thousand copies. The weight of the book is seven kilograms. Edition presentation was held in the frames of Lviv Publishers Forum and evoked significant interest. The head of committee for National Premium named after Taras Shevchenko, Roman Lubkivskyy suggested to propose the edition of Ostrozka Bible for Premium receipt.

(photo 56) father Rafayil TurkonyakVoskresinnia Radio also participated in celebration of this event, having invited Myroslava Lubkovych to studio, who was constantly popularizing the work and father Rafayil Turkonyak (photo 56)

This year Lviv community celebrated another jubilee, 750 years of Lviv. On the occasion the programmes of Voskresinnia Radio included author's rubric of the head of Lviv museum of religion history, scientist and poetess Iryna Vovk. She narrated about the legends and myths, related to Svyatoyurska mountain.

(photo 57) 115 years since Ivan Petrovych Krypyakevych was bornOn June 25 it was 115 years since Ivan Petrovych Krypyakevych, Ukrainian historian, academician, teacher and author of works in history of Ukraine (photo 57) was born. On this occasion in Lviv and other cities there were scientific conferences and workshops held, dedicated to his creative work and multiplane scientific activity. The first such workshop under the title «Ivan Krypyakevych in family tradition, science and society» was held in Lviv in Institute of Ukrainian Studies named after Ivan Krypyakevych of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. This workshop is a part in series of similar scientific events, held periodically since 1996. The workshop was dwelt upon in topical issue ofVoskresinnia Radio.

(photo 58) director of Western Regional branch of UBS Vitaliy VoytovychCharity projects of Ukrainian Bible Society were presented by interview with director of Western Regional branch of UBS Vitaliy Voytovych (photo 58).

Another burning and painful issue is women's trade, which is actual not only in Ukraine. Voskresinnia Radio prepared a topical issue on activity of European Charity organization «Coutnet» related to fight against women's trade.

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