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Church calendar

(photo 43) the Most Reverend Archbishop of Lviv of UGCC Ihor Voznyak«Christmas Calendar» is a series of thematic radio programmes on holidays of Christmas cycle, as well as holiday greetings of clergy and laymen of various churches. Among them, in particular, there is a greeting of the Most Reverend Archbishop of Lviv of UGCC Ihor Voznyak (photo 43).

The air of Christmas holidays and Christmas divine services is always elevated and joyful. From the very beginning Christmas is a family holiday, as Love of God the Father to people is at its apogee, namely, in the embodiment of his Son. Thus, this Sacrament for thousands of years is remembered during Holy Supper in the close family circle.

(photo 44) students of Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit Pavlo Drozdyak
According to the ancient traditions, a whole act was help at Christmas, which is to certain extent was preserved till now. Today in separate regions of Ukraine the elements of these extremely rich Ukrainian traditions still live, what was dwelt upon by students of Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit Pavlo Drozdyak (photo 44) and Taras Semenyuk (photo 45).

(photo 45) students of Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit Taras Semenyuk

Nineteenth of January according to Julian calendar is the Epiphany. Its second name is Water Consecration or Jordan, from the name of Jordan River in Palestine. Jordan is a popular name for Christian ceremony for water consecration. This holiday was established to remember the miraculous Epiphany of the Most Holy at Jordan River, where John the Baptist was preaching and baptizing. Jesus Christ came here in the age of 30 from Galilee. Baptizing of Jesus Christ is a holiday with the same significance as Christmas. Thematic issue of Voskresinnia Radio was dedicated to this first Christian sacrament, beginning of blessed unity of man and God.

This year Orthodox and Greek Catholics celebrate the Easter on April 23, while Roman Catholics - on April 16. Such a discrepancy is stipulated by different calendars: Julian and Gregorian. Roman Catholic Church uses the calendar, introduced by Pope Hryhoriy III in 16th century, who corrected the difference between astronomical and calendar year. Differences in calendars were dwelt upon by astronomer, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Ivan Klymyshyn (photo 46), author of book «Calendar and Easter» in the interview of director of publishing house «Nova Zoria», editor of the magazine with the same name, priest Ihor Pelehatyy (photo 46).

(photo 46) doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Ivan Klymyshyn, priest Ihor Pelehatyy

On February 15 Eastern Churches of Ukraine celebrate the Holiday of Candlemas. The very essence of this holiday is closely connected with Christmas, as Christ also reveals its divinity. The name «Candlemas» symbolized the meeting of the Son of God and his Most Holy Mother with righteous Simeon. The aim of the holiday is to glorify the Epiphany on earth, praise Christ divinity and to salute BlessedVirgin as God's Mother. The programme ofVoskresinnia Radio narrated about the custom of candles blessing, related to the holiday of Christ Candlemas.

(photo 47) bishop Vasyl LostenSpiritual study for Palm Sunday is given by Lviv Archbishop of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Ihor Vizniak. On Good Friday of the Passions of our Lord several pages from book «Easter Pilgrimage » were read in the programme of Voskresinnia Radio. Its author is bishop Vasyl Losten (photo 47) from Stemford, UGCC.

«Light of Christ Resurrection» is a cycle of holiday programmes for Easter and Bright Week, delivering greetings from Heads of Ukrainian Churches, Easter stories, poems, prose, songs and stories about traditions.

Solemn measures were held on the holiday of Nativity of Saint John the Baptist in Hlyniany, dedicated to 70 years of renovation of Jesus Christ Crucifix. In studio of Voskresinnia Radio Father-paroh Dmytro Maykut told abour Hlyniany, Cathedral of the Assumption and story about self-renovation of Jesus Christ image.

(photo 48) «National traditions of the Holiday of Epiphany»«National traditions of the Holiday of Epiphany» (photo 48) is another thematic issue of Voskresinnia Radio.

Head of Lviv museum of religion history, writer and poetess Iryna Vovk told our listeners about traditions and customs, related to holiday of St. George.

We could not omit enormous service of prince Volodymyr the Great in the spread of Christian belief in Ukraine and further building of the Church, thus this matter was considered in the programme on 28 of July. It is this day when Eastern Church honours the memory of prince Volodymyr, equal to the apostles, baptizer of Ukraine-Rus.

In our further work we strived at presentation of famous people of Ukraine, thus we asked Myhaylo Kril, doctor of historical sciences, to prepare a series of programmes about Venerable Antoniy Pecherskyy, princess Olha, equal to the apostles etc.

Spiritual studies for the Lent

(photo 49) priest Myhaylo HarvatHoliday of Christ's Resurrection is preceded by the Lent, which is an important time for every Christian. Therefore journalists of Voskresinnia Radio prepared a cycle of programmes to highlight the matter from different points of view. In particular, these are Lent Recollections of the Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church the Holiest Liubomyr Huzar;
spiritual study of priest Myhaylo Harvat (photo 49);

(photo 50) priest Ihor Pelehatyy

series of spiritual studies for the Lent by UGCC Lviv Archbishop Ihor Vozniak on preparation to the holiday of Resurrection and abstinence from sins; «Fast and meal in spiritual life» - interview with the author of book with the same title, Father Nazariy Zatorskyy, on preparation to the holiday of Resurrection during the Lent, as well as Lent considerations on sacrament of crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary, prepared by priest Ihor Pelehatyy (photo 50).

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