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Spiritual studies

(photo 25) Archbishop Sophroniy MudryySpiritual studies of priests and bishops are always present in radio programmes and cover different sides of Christian life.

Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Holiest Lyubomyr Huzar narrated about Christian understanding of sense of life, process of ideal fruit ripening, femine, religion and christening of Rus-Ukraine.

«Consideration over the Gospel from St. John» and «Bethlehem Star» is the series of author radio programmes of UGCC priest Nazariy Zatorskyy, as well as spiritual studies for the Assumption Fast.

«Consideration over the Gospel from St. John» and «Bethlehem Star» is the series of author radio programmes of UGCC priest Nazariy Zatorskyy, as well as spiritual studies for the Assumption Fast.

«Charity» is spiritual study of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Archbishop Sophroniy Mudryy (photo 25).

A series of radio programmes, authored by the student of Lviv spiritual seminary of the Holy Spirit Pavlo Drozdiak, dwelt upon icon curing influence and its ability to renew the power of soul, devastated by the sin.

(photo 26) priest Yosyph BudaySanctifier Teofan Zatvornyk told about prayer influence with Apostolic Fathers as a feature of spiritual life, since they called it «A breath of the Spirit». Body lives until it breathes, as soon as breathing stops, life disappears. The same is with the spirit: if there is a prayer, the spirit lives, if prayer disappears, there is no life in the spirit. CSVV Celibate priest Yosyph Buday told about the significance of the prayer in out life (photo 26).

A series of radio programmes, authored by the student of Lviv spiritual seminary of the Holy Spirit Pavlo Drozdiak, dwelt upon icon curing influence and its ability to renew the power of soul, devastated by the sin.

(photo 28)  the Eminent Ihor VoznyakSpiritual studies for Christmas time by UGCC Lviv Archbishop the Eminent Ihor Voznyak (photo 28).

Spiritual studies for the new year beginning by UGCC priest Oryest Fryedyna (photo 29).

(photo 29) priest Oryest Fryedyna

«Christian values and their influence on the life of a man» is a spiritual study of priest Andriy Kashchuk. Ability to rejoice and not to despair is the state of human soul, studied by UGCC priest Orest Hlubish.

(photo 27) Father Nazariy ZatorskyySeries of spiritual studies on the task and practice of fast by Father Nazariy Zatorskyy (photo 27) after his book «Fast and meal in spiritual life».

Gift of speech, and in particular, the power of word and its universal ability to reflect both intellectual and spiritual world of man were the subject of spiritual study by priest Orest Hlubish.

(photo 30) Father-Dean Myhaylo Nykolyn

It is often the case when parents ask a priest to baptize a newborn, not always understanding the reason for that and what they and their child receive with this Sacrament. These questions were answered by UGCC Father-Dean Myhaylo Nykolyn from Staryy Sambir (photo 30).

(photo 31) priest Stepan Kashchuk

What is meant by «devotee»? What is the place of a priest in parish life? Is there is a difference between values common to all mankind and Christian ones? What is the way the Christian morality is ruined nowadays? These and other issues were discussed in the spiritual study of UGCC Father-dean Mykhaylo Nykolyn from Staryy Sambir.
Spiritual study aboutArchdeacon Stefan by UGCC priest Stepan Kashchuk (photo 31).

Christian education

(photo 33) Father Ihor YatsivYear 2006 was announced to be the Year of child's spiritual world protection. Heads of Christian Churches and confessions of Ukraine in their Appeal underline that children are the most precious gift, that God gives and entrust to parents, the Church and the people. The way we bring up our children is our future. Thus, child's education is the most important and holiest duty. The fulfillment of this duty was the subject of a series of radio prorammes by Ludmyla Veremey, author of the book with the same title «Small secrets of child's education in Ukrainian family»

(photo 32) Priest Petro MaybaFather Ihor Yatsiv (photo 33) told about the activity of scientific and practical workshop «Ukrainian legislation on education and the Church», which was conducted in the frames of initiated in Ukraine public hearings «Religion and education - modern relationship models».

Lviv private lyceum named after Blessed Klymentiy Sheptytskyy and educational process were dwelt upon by Director, Priest Petro Mayba (photo 32).

(photo 34) priest Mykhaylo Harvat
Guest in studio of Voskresinnia Radio, priest Mykhaylo Harvat, the head of catechism commission of UGCC Lviv Archdiocese and head of organizational committee for issues, related to celebration of the Year of child's spiritual world protection, narrated about the experience of Lviv Archdiocese in this respect and schedule measures (photo 34).

(photo 35) priest Roman Nebozhuk

Introduction of Christian ethics in general school curriculum was the subject of interview with priest Roman Nebozhuk, who is the manager of UGCC bureau for communication with state authorities and head of interdiocese commission on education matters (photo 35).

University «Lvivskyy Stavropigion» celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The jubilee context at the end of May foresaw second all-Ukrainian Stavropigiy readings «Educational and culturological traditions of Lviv Stavropigiya: pedagogics, spirituality, creativity». The measure was dwelt upon the rector of the University Yaroslav Kmit.

(photo 36)  Father Mykola KovalyshynLavra monastery of St. Onufriy is considered to be the oldest in Ukraine. Local stories say that first monks lived in local caves already in VIIIIX centuries, i.e. before baptizing of Kyivska Rus. The monastery appeared in 12th, beginning 13th century, as researches state.Asettlement and cemetery with chapel already existed on this territory. Superior Father Mykola Kovalyshyn told about this monk community (photo 36).

(photo 37) Father Panteleymon Salamaha
Thousands of pilgrims visit Hoshivskyy monastery at Yasna mount every year, which is known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Its glorious history goes back to 16th century. This monastery is also famous for Hoshivska Wonderworking Icon of God's Mother. The modern life of monastery of Fathers Valisians was described by Father Panteleymon Salamaha (photo 37).

(photo 38) Mother superior sister Antoniya

Celibate priest Venedykt, Father superior of Svyatouspenska Univska Lavra of Studium Charter, told about modern days of the monastery and key measures, related to preparation of annual pilgrimage.

November 31, 1991 was the day of placing the cornerstone for new Covent of the Holy Family in Hoshiv. Its building continues till now. Mother superior sister Antoniya (photo 38) narrated to the correspondent of Voskresinnia Radio about life and development of the Covent.


(photo 39) «Responsibility of laymen for the Church and State»On 10 of February of this year first in Ukraine congress of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church laymen was held in Lviv theological seminary of the Holy Spirit under the title «Responsibility of laymen for the Church and State». The organizer was the Commission on laity issues of UGCC Lviv Archdiocese. The congress was blessed by the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar. The participants arrived from 12 dioceses of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, guests of the congress were representatives of all commissions on diocese, metropolitan and patriarch levels of UGCC and representatives of Roman-Catholic and Orthodox Churches (photo 39).

(photo 40)

(photo 41)

(photo 42)
XXII International Congress of Family was held on 9-11 May, 2006, at the International center of culture and art in Kyiv (photo 40-42). The title of the Congress: «Family as unity of love». Its aim was to consider and find possibly ways of settlement of matters, related to family and marriage in the light of Christian values. Guest of studio, the Head of Organization Committee Mrs.

Liliya Protsiv told about preparation of the Congress and its main goals. International Congress of Family. As organizers plan, shall become a link of formation of state family police of Ukrainian state, called for consolidation of family institution in Ukraine and propagating of family values.

The course of Congress events was highlighted in the series of topical programmes of Voskresinnia Radio.

In particular, its activity and problems, faced by modern family, were dwelt upon by Nalaliya Chernysh, professor, head of history and sociological theory department of Lviv National University.

People go for pilgrimage to holy places to feel anew unity with God in prayer, to fell the joy of communication, humbleness, forgiveness, to recover their spiritual entity. Spiritual meaning of pilgrimage was described to us by Father superior of Hoshiv monastery of Fathers Vasylian in Ivano-Frankivsk region, celibate priest Panteleymon Salamaha.

«Role of laymen in beatification, i.e. church glorification, on the highest level of Church associates» is a topical issue of Voskresinnia Radio, participated by deputy bishop of Lviv Latin Archdiocese Maryan Buchek and UGCC Head the Holiest Liubomyr Cardinal Huzar.

On October 27, 2002 a stone at the place of building of UGCC Patriarch cathedral of Resurrection was blessed in Kyiv. Today the construction is closing to the end. Aiming at collecting funds for building completion, action of charity concerts «Cathedral units» was held in Ukraine. This event was described by Myroslava Rozdolska, manager of PR department at Secretariat of UGCC Supreme Archbishop.

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