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Year 2006 - year of child's spiritual world protection

(photo. 3) sister Luisa TsupaYear 2006 was announced to be the Year of child's spiritual world protection, to activate and unite efforts of Christian churches and confessions, state and social institutions for creation of conditions to contribute to growth and education of children on the basis of traditional Ukrainian Christian values.

On this occasion, Voskresinnia Radio listeners had an opportunity to listen to Appeal of heads of Christian Churches and confessions of Ukraine to children, parents, teachers, political and social figures and all people of good will, dedicated to announcement of year 2006 to be the year of child's spiritual world protection.

(photo. 4) Father-Doctor Sviatoslav Shevchuk
Scheduled measures were dwelt upon in the programmes by Father-Doctor Sviatoslav Shevchuk (photo 4), Head of Patriarchal Curia of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Head of Commission on education in Kyiv-Halytska Archdiocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church priest Roman Nabozhuk (photo 5), Head of organizational committee for commemoration of the Year of child's spiritual world protection in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church sister Luisa Tsupa (photo 3).

(photo 5) priest Roman Nabozhuk

Seminary of the Holy Spirit at Khutorivka street in Lviv hosted the conference «Christian education of children and youth», participated by parohs from all Lviv Archdiocese of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Lviv Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, speaker at the conference, participated in the prorgamme of Voskresinnia Radio.

On life of Church

(photo 6) The Holiest Lyubomyr, UGCC Head, Supreme Kyiv-Halytskyy ArchbishopRegular session XI of permanent Council of UGCC Bishops was held in Rome from June 27 till July 4 at St. Sophia Cathedral. The Holiest Lyubomyr (photo 6), UGCC Head, Supreme Kyiv-Halytskyy Archbishop narrated about the Council activity and considered mattes.

Visitor at studio is UGCC priest from Donetsk Father Vasyl Pantelyuk (photo 7). He narrated on news in parohya life in the interview with UGCC press-secretary priest Oleh Panchynyak

(photo 7) Father Vasyl Pantelyuk
This year Ukrainian Catholic University greeted its first graduates. Diploma of state standard were received by students of philosophy and theology, and humanitarian departments. On the occasion there

(photo 8)father Borys Hudzyak

was held a solemn Divine Liturgy in the Theological Center of Lviv Theological Seminary at Khutorivka Street, headed by archbishops Dionisiy Lyahovych and Hlib Lonchyna. World famous historian Norman Davis, the author of monumental edition «Europe: History», translated in the most world languages, Ukrainian including, also arrived to greet the graduates. Rector of Ukrainian Catholic University father Borys Hudzyak highlighted the significance of the event (photo 8).

(photo 9) Cardinal Yosyph SlipyyOn February 17 was held a thematic programme of Voskresinnia Radio, dedicated to cherished memory of professor Cardinal Yosyph Slipyy (photo 9).

On April 29, it was 100 years from the day of consecration of Lviv Cathedral of Transfiguration by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy. This temple’'s paroh, priest Yaroslav Chukhniy (photo 10), told about its history and the present.

(photo 10) priest Yaroslav Chukhniy

UGCC Head the Holiest Lyubomyr called to prayer for Ukraine and its authorities. The Holiest commented and stressed the urgency of Appeal of Council of bishops of Kyiv-Halytskyy Supreme UGCC Archiepiscopacy to the faithful and all people of good will, related to formation and activity of new complement of Ukrainian government, dated June 12 of this year.

(photo 11) Archbishop Dionisiy Lyahovych
Since 2001 a branch of international catholic laymen movement «Community of Saint Ehidiy» began its activity in Lviv at Ukrainian Catholic University. Priorities of Community's activity, namely fight with starvation and HIV in various countries of the world, ecumenical activity were dwelt upon by Roman Catholic priest Maryan Skobyra, sisterVasylian Dominica and participant of Lviv community Olesya Kolos.

Archbishop Dionisiy Lyahovych (photo 11) narrated on priorities to position leader of administration the Patriarch curia UGCC.

Regarding cases, considered by church tribunal, and tribunal of Lviv Archdiocese in particular. What are the peculiarities of marital cases consideration in tribunal? What is meant by the term «disregard of marriage» and what is the difference between it and civil divorce? Who shall be refused from consideration of court case in church tribunal? Tribunal legal vicar of UGCC Lviv Archdiocese, father Roman Ivantsiv answered these and many other questions.

(photo 13) father Oleksandr Kenez
Father Vasyl Potochnyak narrated about the destiny of new Ukrainian immigration to the Apennines, who for several years was the confessor of Ukrainian laborers, faithful to Greek catholic Church.

A series of interviews with manager of Sea Chaplains Australian Fund, father Oleksandr Kenez (photo 13) was dedicated to spiritual care for Ukrainian seamen far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

(photo 12) Holiest Father Ivan Pavlo II«Five days, which changed the history of Ukraine» was a thematic programme on June 23, 2006. Five years ago a historical visit of the Holiest Father Ivan Pavlo II (photo 12) to Ukraine began.

Regular traditional year release to Wonderworking Icon of Liska Lady from Cathedral of Assumption in Stryy, Lviv region was held on 15-16 of July. This year praying measures, dedicated to pilgrimage to Wonderworking Icon, were began by Archbishop Julian Gbur, who served Big Vespers with Lytia in the Cathedral of Assumption of Holy Mother. Father Myron Hrynyshyn, paroh of the Cathedral of Assumption of Holy Mother, narrated about the Icon of Liska Lady.

(photo 15) consecrationThe Church has never lived in itself. A series of programmes with participation of Candidate of philosophical sciences Ser-hiy Zdioruk was dedicated to the issue of Church's role in social life, connection of religion and politics, modern religious phenomena and tendencies of development.

(photo 14) Rector, Father Myron Bendyk

This year Drohobysh Theological Seminary named after Blessed hieromartyrs Severyn, Yakym and Vitaliy celebrated its 10th anniversary. Seminary has its distinctive spiritual and educational image on the background of religious educational institution, having received new rooms for studying and center of spiritual renewal – seminary chapel, consecration of which was a central event of the festival (photo 15). Rector, Father Myron Bendyk (photo 14) dwelt upon peculiarities of activity of Drohobych Theological Seminary.

(photo 16) the Council of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Bishops

(photo 17)

(photo 18)

(photo 19)
From 13 to 20 September of this year recollection center, named after Patriarch Yosyph Slipyy (in Lviv suburb), accepted the Council of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Bishops (photo 16). It was participated by 38 bishops and invited guests. Archbishops considered the current state of the Church, having focused of further development and improvement of Church structure.

Special attention was dedicated to the matter of education of future priests, vocation to ministerial duty and seminarian education, as well as liturgy issues. Council's activity was commented by the Holiest Liubomyr Huzar.

On 27-28 of August in Svyatouspenska Univska Lavra in Lviv region conducted solemnities, dedicated to the holiday of the Assumption (photo 17-19).Traditionally, as every year, a pilgrimage to Lavra was held. This year over 1000 pilgrimages participated the event, young people mostly. The pilgrimage began on Friday morning from Lviv Church of Archangel Mykhayil. The pilgrims covered around 60 km in three days. The event was dedicated to unity of church and laymen in the world. The peculiarities of this year pilgrimage to Univ
(photo 20) priest Venedykt, father superior of Svyatouspenska Univska Lavra

International scientific conference «Ukrainian immigration in the new European context: relationships between Italy and Ukraine» was held in Lviv, in the buidling of UCU. Thematic issue of Voskresinnia Radio was dedicated to the work of conference, its participants and main speakers. were described by celibate priest Venedykt, father superior of Svyatouspenska Univska Lavra (photo 20).

(photo 22)On May 1,2004, near Drohobych in Lviv region, the first UGCC community for delivering help to alcoholics and drug addicts was founded in half-ruined former military unit. Around 100 people underwent rehabilitation course in this community. Priest Ihor Kozankevych, Director of Charity Fund «Caritas» of UGCC Sambir and Drohobych diocese dwelt upon the community's activity (photo 22, 23).

Ukrainian - Polish relationships were the subject of interview with Polish citizen father Stepan Batrukh, paroh of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in Lublin (photo 24).

(photo 24) father Stepan Batrukh(photo 21) Archbishop Bohdan (Dzyurakh)

Annual Plenary Assembly of European Bishop Conferences Council (EBCC) was held on 4-8 of October, 2006. The main issues and matters were dwelt upon by Archbishop Bohdan (Dzyurakh), the participant of Plenary Assembly, in his exclusive interview for Voskresinnia Radio (photo 21).

(photo 23) Archbishop Yaroslav PryrizOn September 4-8, 2006, in Lviv at the newly built Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit (LTS) II session of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church monkhood Council was held. This Council session under the title «Vocation and formation» was held in the frames of the first in the history of our Church UGCC Monkhood Council «Transfiguration in God». Archbishop Yaroslav Pryriz (photo 23) narrated about the aim and task of the Council, as well as its role in the life of Church.

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