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For Supervising Council
of Voskresinnya Radio
to be considered at the meeting
on December 12, 2006 AD.

Project Manager: Myroslav PAVLYUK

Editor-in-Chief: Vasyl KOVALYSHYN



Transmitters list

Year 2006 - Year of child's spiritual world protection
On life of Church

Spiritual studies
Christian education

Church calendar
Spiritual studies for the Lent

Belief and science
Sides of belief

Christian song
Sides of ecumenism
Social service of Church
Protection of life

Sacral art

New appointments in Ukrainian
Greek Catholic Church
Music page
History of Church

Church and society
Programmes for young people
15 years in ether



Year 2006 in the life of Church is filled with contract events, but it is anyway directed along strictly determined spiritual guiding lines, distinctly expressed in results of various measures. Nevertheless, this year is marked with «black ribbon», it is 60 years of Pseu-do-Sobor in 1946. If one recalls the events, where Church participated, they testify to availability of mutual union, Christian love and forgiveness, particularly between representatives of various Christian confessions. It is exactly in this context and with regard to other important factors, such as objectivity, balanced information presentation and tolerance, that the journalists of Voskresinnia Radio narrated about the life of Church in Ukraine and abroad. The most significant and reverberating events, variety of themes of evangelic and catechism nature constituted the content of programmes of Voskresinnia Radio this year.

A large proportion of audio materials is oriented at listeners, which are not practicing Christians or did not ask themselves a question on their spiritual and religious life direction. These are narrations of spiritual findings of famous people (writers, priests, public men, etc.), scientific and publicist researches, in particular on history of Christian Church, key historical and cultural events and figures. Everyday phone calls and editor's mail inform us on interest and success of a specific theme (photo 2). This is the way we receive feedback from our listeners.

An important factor in formation of thematic and meaning of programmes part is authors' potential. Scientists, historians, priests, bishops and laymen participated in the programmes of Voskresinnia Radio this year. Of special interest were the matters, raised in author's programmes of Oleh Turiy, Director of Church History Institute, Petro Shkra-byuk, Candidate of Historical Sciences and writer, as well as in the programmes, involving Sergiy Zdioruk, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Myhaylo Haykovskyy, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of UGCC the Holiest Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar, celibate priest CSW Yosyph Buday, celibate priest Sevatyan Dmytrukh, priests Nazariy Zatorskyy, Dior Pelekhatyy, Oleh Panchynyak, professor Dmytro Stepovyk, famous conductor Roger MacMerrin and many other.

Apart from topics and content of programmes, the audience's structure, geography and quantity are stipulated by such factors as scheme of transmitters location (see photo 1) and status of all-Ukrainian cable network. In quantity, as statistical data of TSN Ukraine at First Channel of National Radio testify, for instance, an evening programme of Voskresinnia Radio is listened to by approximately three million of Ukrainian citizens. These are people of all age categories, social groups, education level and financial status.

In 2006 programmes of Voskresinnia Radio were broadcast by transmitters of the following radio companies:

- First Channel of National Radio: Monday, Tuesday at 9.30 pm, Thursday, Friday at 10.30 pm;

- Radio network of radio company «Westem Capital»: Wednesday at 2 pm, on Satur day at 3.40 pm, Sunday at 8.40 am; - Ivano-Frankivsk TRC «Dzvony» Radio: during the week twice per day at 12 pm and 6.50 PM;

- Eco-Radio (Lviv): every day at 7 am and at 1.30 pm from Monday till Friday and at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday in the block with leader of social and political programmes of «Svoboda» Radio.

(photo 1) scheme of transmitters location

Radio programmes at First National Channel of Ukrainian Radio are broadcast from switching center in Kyiv city (26 Khreshchatyk Street) by means of cable radio network of the Ministry of communication of Ukraine and 92 transmitters totally (the list of transmitters, their location, power and frequency see pages 6-8). This broadcasting channel has the widest coverage of Ukrainian territory. Professional level of programmes at Voskresinnia Radio is confirmed also by compliance with requirements of technical, content and language and stylistic nature of UR-1 edition. Radio programmes «Voskres-innia» are announced in advertisement editions of UR-1 edition and are included in everyday programme of radio programmes, printed in all-Ukrainian newspaper «Hovoryt' i pokazuye Ukraina».

Presence in Internet is almost obligatory nowadays for every mass medium. Digital broadcasting is not new anymore, thus, Voskresinnia Radio is presented in the world electronic web by site at (http://www.rr.lviv.ua), where digital radio programmes are updated daily. One of the advantages with digital version of radio programmes is the possibility to listen to the programme on the day of broadcasting and to find the necessary edition in several months in the archive at site.

Voskresinnia Radio is divided into rubrics and pages according to audio, photo, video and text materials. Our audio rubrics «Events. Facts. Comments»«Musical premieres»«Authors»«Photo reportage»«Verbatim» and other cover in particular text materials, radio presentations and digital audio versions of news in spiritual music, thematic series of radio narrations to have received the most numerous comments from radio listeners or the most actual ones.

Digital format of broadcasting in Internet outlines the map of radio programmes transmitting, which exceeds Ukrainian boundaries. A lot of comments and proposals for cooperation are received by e-mail. It is exactly thanks to electronic communication, that Voskresinnia Radio cooperates for a long time with Secretariat of Ministry of UGCC in Brussels and clergy of other countries.

Today numerous electronic media use satellite broadcasting service, which allows covering huge territories far beyond the territory of one country and consequently enlarging significantly the audience. Formation of satellite broadcasting by First National Channel of radio broadcasting is at the final stage. It provides a possibility to participate in the process for Voskresinnia Radio as well. Programmes of Voskresinnia Radio were also included in 2006 in the schedule of satellite broadcasting of UR-1, to be found at web-site of teleradiocompany (http://www.nrcu.gov.ua).

The list of transmitters of First channel of Ukrainian Radio, which transmit the “Voskresinnya” Radio programs.

Location Range Frequency Power
Vinnytsya region
Bershad' USW Mono 70,1 4
Vinnytsia USW Mono 71,69 4
Volyn region
Horohiv USW Mono 71,93 0,08
Kovel' USW Mono 66,02 4
Lutsk USW Mono 71,36 0,08
Dnipropetrovsk region
Dnipropetrovsk USW Mono 68,36 4
Kryvyj Rih USW Mono 71,63 4
Nikopol' USW Mono 68,38 1
Donetsk region
Donetsk USW Mono 69,77 4
Kramatorsk USW Mono 69,41 4
Mariupol' USW Mono 67,34 4
Zhytomyr region
Andriivka USW Mono 71,9 4
Olevsk USW Mono 69,8 4
Zakarpattya region
Velykyj Bereznyj USW Mono 68,42 0,1
Mizhiria USW Mono 70,64 0,1
Rahiv USW Mono 70,19 2
Uzhorod USW Mono 69,53 4
Hust USW Mono 70,04 4
Zaporizzhya region
Berdiansk USW Mono 68,57 0,1
Zaporizzhia USW Mono 70,73 4
Komysh-Zoria USW Mono 68,99 4
Melitopol' USW Mono 68,72 2
Prymorsk USW Mono 69,17 0,08
Tokmak USW Mono 71,06 0,1
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ivano-Frankivsk USW Mono 71,24 4
Kyiv region
Kyiv LW Mono 0,207 500 (250)
Kyiv USW Stereo 68,51 15
Kyiv USW(FM) Stereo 105 5
Tetijiv USW Mono 70,22 0,1
Kirovohrad region
Kirovohrad USW Mono 66,98 4
AR Crimea
Alupka USW Mono 72,38 0,02
Alushta USW Mono 67,7 0,1
Kerch USW Mono 71,66 4
Krasnoperekopsk USW Mono 66,8 4
Nikita USW Mono 71,3 0,1
Octiabrske MW 0,648 150
Sevastopol' USW Mono 67,25 4
Simferopol' MW 1,584 1
Simferopol' USW Mono 66,68 4
Sovietskyj USW Mono 72,2 4
Luhansk region
Luhansk USW Mono 68,75 1
Rovenky USW Mono 69,08 4
Starobilsk USW Mono 69,65 4
Lviv region
Lviv USW Mono 67,04 4
Mykolayiv region
Mykolajiv USW Mono 69,8 4
Pervomajsk USW Mono 69,92 4
Odessa region
Zhovten' USW Mono 68,99 4
Kamianske USW Mono 66,59 4
Kotovsk USW Mono 67,25 4
Odesa USW Mono 70,52 4
Poltava region
Hadiach USW Mono 102,1 0.03
Hrebinka USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Iskrivka USW Mono 65,96 0,75
Karlivka USW Mono 73,7 0,03
Kotelva USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Krasnohorivka USW Mono 66,08 4
Kremenchuk USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Leliuhivka USW Mono 69,47 0,75
Lohvytsia USW Mono 73,88 0,1
Novi Martynovychi USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Poltava USW Mono 71,21 0,1
Chornuhy USW Mono 102,2 0,03
Chutove USW Mono 67,64 0,03
Rivne region
Rivne (Antopil') USW Mono 66,73 4
Sumy region
Bilopillia USW Mono 66,5 4
Trostianets USW Mono 68,75 4
Shostka USW Mono 65,93 4
Ternopil region
Berezhany USW Mono 67,28 0,05
Buchach USW Mono 66,05 0,05
Ternopil' (Lozova) USW Mono 69,83 4
Chortkiv USW Mono 66,59 0,05
Shumsk USW Mono 70,7 0,05
Kharkiv region
Zachepylivka USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Izium USW Mono 72,08 4
Harkiv USW Mono 67,13 4
Kherson region
Vasylivka USW Mono 69,23 4
Herson USW Mono 71,9 4
Khmelnytsk region
Volochysk USW Mono 68,72 4
Horodok USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Iziaslav USW Mono 66,32 0,1
Kulchyjivtsi (Kam.-Podilskyj) USW Mono 70,76 4
Polonne USW Mono 68,06 0,1
Hmelnytskyj USW Mono 67,7 4
Chemerivtsi USW Mono 70,88 0,1
Shepetivka USW Mono 66,08 0,1
Cherkasy region
Buky USW Mono 67,88 4
Cherkasy USW Mono 72,2 4
Chernivtsi region
Novodnistrovsk USW Mono 69,59 4
Chernivtsi USW Mono 69,26 4
Chernihiv region
Pryluky USW Mono 71 4
Holmy USW Mono 66,71 4
Chernihiv USW Mono 69,47 4

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