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(photo 79) director Bohdan TroyanovskyyThis year the publishing house “Svichado” published more than 2600000 of books on religious topics. The publishing house presented its books not only in the territory of Ukraine, but also abroad. Its director Bohdan Troyanovskyy tells about the work and plans fro the coming year (photo 79).

(photo 80) Maryan Lozynskyy122 years ago in Lviv region in Zhovkva monastery of the OSBG a publishing house of religious books “Misionar” was established. More than 500 different editions appeared in print before 1936.
This year the publishing house “Misionar” celebrated the 10th anniversary since the renewal of its activity and managed to publish already more than 600 books. The interview with Maryan Lozynskyy, Candidate of Historic Science, director of the publishing house “Misionar” tells about the prospective of development and problems in publishing activities (photo 80).

Boundaries of ecumenism

(photo 81) Roman KurashVolodymyr Ladyka, Mykolayiv and Bohoyavlenskyy Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate: “Relations between different churches in our eparch are built on the grounds of Christian love”.  An interview with Reverend Volodymyr about the problems of the revival of the Christ’s Church in the Southern Ukraine.     

“Christian Internet” – an interview with Father Ihor Yatsiv, the press-secretary of the Head of UGCC about prospects of propagating the Word of God in Internet network and the official web-page of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.    
An interview with Roman Kurash, the head of the Religion Affairs Department of Lviv regional state administration, about special features of religious situation in Lviv region, main tendencies in intraconfessional relations, case of returning the church property etc. (photo 81).

(photo 82) (photo 83)
(photo 84)Consecration of the corner stone of the Blessed Virgin Church in the city of Uzhhorod, where communities of Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches will hold a service under the same roof.  Apostle nuncio Ivan Yurkovych, Mukachivskyy Bishop of UGCC Milan Shashik and the Bishop of RCC Antal Maynek took part in the consecration. It is planned to construct a two-storeyed church: the first storey will be assigned for the meetings of the Roman Catholic community, and the second floor will be occupied by the Greek Catholic community. (photos 82-84).
(photo 85)Institute of Ecumenist Studies was opened on the 13th of June 2005 in the Ukrainian Catholic University. On the occasion of its inauguration, an international conference took place in the UCU on June 13-14.  The conference was held under the name “Friendship as an ecumenist value” and united scientists, theologians and hierarchs of different Christian confessions from Ukraine, Western Europe and USA.
(photo 86)

Solemn opening of the Polish war burials in Lviv on the Lychakiv cemetery as one of the crucial steps towards establishing good relations and achieving understanding between Ukrainian and Polish nations (photo 85-86).

Joint Ukrainian and Polish actions, particularly in places where bloody battles were taking place, nowadays are aimed at the understanding between nations, whose tragic pages in history are still not completely forgotten. The village Stayivka (in Lviv region) on the Ukrainian-Polish border is one of such places. On the initiative of the Church and local administrations joint reconciling actions are organized here.

Social service of the Church

(photo 87) priest Andriy NahirnyakPurposes and aims of social and public service of the Church will be covered in the interview with priest Andriy Nahirnyak, the education matters officer of UGCC bureau for relations with public authorities in Kyiv (photo 87).

Doctoral chaplainhood as a challenge of the time; which qualities should the modern chaplain possess, which tasks are put before a priest in the hospital – these and many other theses were raised at the seminar organized by Sisters Serving to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lviv. Sister Nadiya Kotur tells about this event. 

(photo 88) Father Oleksandr KenezRadio narrative about the presentation of the foundation “Synapsys” for the aid in treating children with infantile autism, organized by the Fund of Mutual Aid and Protection of Children Rights.
One of the special features of Odessa-Crimean Exarchate of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is the spiritual guardianship over sailors. For this purpose Odessa-Crimean exarch Vasyl Ivasyuk and responsible priests are closely cooperating with the International Ukrainian Chaplain Society headed by Father Oleksandr Kenez (photo 88).

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