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( 50)   ’Krekhiv monastery of Basilian Fathers is one of the most ancient monasteries of our Church connected with the names of many famous Ukrainian public figures. Among them are Sofia Rusova, Vasyl Vyshyvanyy, Petro Doroshenko. About them and also about the activity of the monastery in the course of hundreds years of history you will hear in the series of radio narratives of the writer Petro Shkarabyuk, Candidate of Historic Science, senior researcher of Ivan Krypyakevych Ukrainian Studies Institute of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine (photo 50).

( 51)Mother Diya Stasyuk, OSBG, the Head of the UGCC Patriarch Commission in monasticism affairs, Father Yaroslav Pryriz, from the Order of the Most Holy Saviour, the Head of the UGCC Secretariat of the Monasticism Conference and Sister Nataliya Melnyk, OSBG, the Deputy Head of the UGCC Secretariat of the Monasticism Convocation and Conference, tell about the results of the work of the Monasticism Convocation and Conference “Vocation and formation”, tasks and main aims of the activity and development of monk orders in Ukraine (photos 51-53).

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( 53)

New residency of the Head of UGCC

( 54)“Cardinal should not behave like a bandit” (V. Anisimov, “Segodnya” newspaper) – this and other similar publications appeared in the press as the negative reaction to moving the residency of the Head of UGCC to Kyiv. Ukrainian public figures and intellectuals responded with the objective historical and political assessment of this fact. Commentaries of Dmytro Stepovyk, Anatoliy Kolodnyy, and Volodymyr Serhiychuk in programs of Radio “Voskresinnya” (photo 54).

( 55)

“One people of God on the Kyiv Mountains” – address of the Metropolitan of UGCC Kyiv-Halych Metropolis His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar on the occasion of initiation of the return of Metropolitan’s residency to Kyiv (photo 55).

Church calendar

( 56)    “Liturgical Year is the liturgical order of the Universal Church or any local churches composed of weeks, weekdays, Feasts of the Lord, Holy Mother, Saints, periods of fasts and restricted periods” – such definition of the beginning of the Liturgy year was given as far back as forty years ago by Greek Catholic bishops headed by the Archbishop and cardinal Yosyf Slipyy and still remains up-to-date. In programs of Radio “Voskrsinnya” the beginning of the Liturgical Year and feasts are reflected in materials of various genres.

Ecclesiastical lection of the UGCC priest Volodymyr Havrylenko on the occasion of the Feast of Conception of Saint Anna (photo 56).
( 57) .
Ecclesiastical lection of Father Illya Mamchak on the occasion of the Feast of the Purification (photo 57).

( 58) .

Festive sermon on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Basil the Great given by Father Hryhoriy Hrynkiv, the protohegumen of OSBG in Ukraine (photo 58).

“Assumption Fast” – ecclesiastical lection of Father Nazariy Zatorskyy.

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