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Ecclesiastic lections

(photo 16) hieromonk Josyf BudayPrayer in the spiritual life of a Christian – ecclesiastical reflections of hieromonk Josyf Buday (photo 16).

(photo 17) Father Teodoziy Yankiv, of OSBG

Sagacity and vision of a prophet – ecclesiastical conversation with Father Teodoziy Yankiv, of OSBG (photo 17).

(photo 18) Father Nazar Zatroskyy

Reflections and perception of the deep content of the Gospel of John – series of ecclesiastical radio narratives of Father Nazar Zatroskyy (photo 18).

Do we forgive our neighbors, can we forgive, who needs forgiveness? – hieromonk of OSBG Josyf Buday answers all these and other questions in the series of radio programs “Forgiveness”.

New martyrs and saints of UGCC

(photo 19) student of Lviv Theological Seminary Pavlo Drozdyak“To walk on the ways of God means to deny everything that holds us away from our Lord”. The series of radio narratives prepared by the student of Lviv Theological Seminary Pavlo Drozdyak tells us about new martyrs of UGCC, whose life are now being investigated by correspondent church institutions. Real examples of UGCC priests Vasyl Lonchyna, Stepan Venhrynovych, laywoman Mariya Shved, and others present the living evidence of commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church (photo 19).

(photo 20) Metropolitan Andrey

This year on the 29th of July a solemn celebration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytslyy took place in the village of Prylbychi of Yavoriv district of Lviv region. During the festive Divine Liturgy His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar in his sermon motivated the congregation to pray to the Lord for patronizing Metropolitan Andrey (photo 20).

Spiritual heritage

Priests-hermits of spiritual and cultural blossom of Boyko region – series of radio narratives told by Myron Yadzhyn, the head of Staryy Sambir Center “Prosvita” (photo 21).
(photo 21) Myron Yadzhyn
(photo 22) Mykola Tymoshyk
Mykola Tymoshyk, the manger of the project “Belated return” launched by the Metropolitan Ilarion Foundation, tells about the spiritual heritage of the Metropolitan Ilarion Ohiyenko on the basis of the Ukrainian and foreign archives  (photo 22).


(photo 23) the hieromonk Dioniziy ZavadyukAbout the prospects of the development of Basilian educational institutions and theological education you will hear in the interview with the hieromonk Dioniziy Zavadyuk, the rector of the philosophical and theological institute named after Metropolitan Yosyf Velyamin Rutskyy (photo 23).

(photo 24) the dean of philosophical and theological faculty Taras DobkoThe main tasks of the Ukrainian Catholic University, special features of education, prospects of entrants and student of the UCU will be the topics of the conversation with the dean of the UCU humanitarian faculty Olena Dzhedzhora and the dean of philosophical and theological faculty Taras Dobko (photo 24).

(photo 25) Father Bohdan Prah“The future of theological seminary” – an interview with Father Bohdan Prah, the rector of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary (photo 25).

Solemn consecration of new premises of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary took place on August 28, 2005. Father Bohdan Prah, the rector of the seminary gives his comments of this event in the interview with Radio “Voskresinnya”. 

(photo 26) Father Ivan Maykovych10th anniversary of Buchach Saint Josaphat Collegium. Mastering secondary education, the pupils of the Collegium at the same time have the possibility to perceive deeper the fundamentals of the Christian spirituality. Father Ivan Maykovych, the principal of the Collegium, tells about its tasks and activities (photo 26).

(photo 27)(photo 28)

(photo 29)

(photo 30)The 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference devoted to the activity of the Basilian Order in Ukraine became the key element of the celebrating the 10th anniversary of Buchach Collegium. The co-organizer of the conference was Aldona Vasyliyauskene, the head of the Shaulyaysk University delegation (Lithuania), senior researcher of the Centre of North Lithuania History (photos 27-30).

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