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Year 2005 – Year of Eucharist

(photo 4)A unique for the UGCC event – all-Ukrainian Eucharist Council – took place in Lviv on the 24-26th of June, 2005. The Council was held in the framework of celebration of the Year of Holy Eucharist announced by the UGCC Bishop Synod. Under the auspices of the Eucharist Council two main events took place: Eucharistic Congress and solemn Hierarch Divine Liturgy (photos 4-6).
(photo 5)

(photo 6)(photo 7) Father Ihor Yatskiv

“Year 2005 – Year of Eucharist” – thematic radio program of Father Ihor Yatskiv (photo 7).

Eucharistic Council of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – comments of the Head of UGCC His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar.

Series of Christmas programs

Christmas congratulations from His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar.

Christmas poetry by Constyantyna Malytska, Roman Zavadovych, Lesya Khraplyva, Iryna Hnativ and others in the festive literary and music composition.

(photo 8) Reverend Stepan Menko, Donets-Kharkiv Exarch of UGCCChristmas congratulations from Reverend Stepan Menko, Donets-Kharkiv Exarch of UGCC (photo 8).

Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River, Jesus declares himself a Messiah and Savior – festive sermon of the hieromonk of OSBG Yosyf Buday (photo 9)

(photo 9) hieromonk of OSBG Yosyf Buday

(photo 10) Lviv chorepiscopus of UGCC Ihor Voznyak

Christmas congratulations from Lviv chorepiscopus of UGCC Ihor Voznyak (photo 10).

(photo 11) Stryy Eparch of UGCC Yulian Hbur

Christmas congratulations from Stryy Eparch of UGCC Yulian Hbur (photo 11).

(photo 12) Father Yosyf Milyan
“Great Kolyada” Christmas festival in Lviv Cathedral of Holy Eucharist– a narrative of Father Yosyf Milyan, the beneficiary of the cathedral, Head of Patriarchal Commission on Youth Affairs (photo 12).

(photo 13) “Christmas in Israel”

“Christmas in Israel” – priest of UGCC Roman Nebozhuk tells about his mission trip to Israel (photo 13).

(photo 14) “Christmas Together”

A family atmosphere dominated this year on the Christmas Eve in Lviv, visited by young people from the Eastern Ukraine. Radio narrative about the event organized by institutes of higher education of Halychyna and called “Christmas Together” (photo 14).

(photo 15) hieromonk Pakhomiy Sydor

Christmas songs and kolyadas performed by Natalka Karpa, duet “Lebedi kohannya”, “Zhyvotoky”, “Pysanka”.

“Christmas Fairy Show” – radio performance by Lviv Band “Barvinok”.

Radio narrative “Christmas in Krekhiv monastery”. Guest of the program – Pakhomiy Sydor,  hieromonk of Krekhiv Saint Mykolay Monastery of Basilian Fathers (photo 15).

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