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Church and society

(photo 102) Viktor Yelenskyy, Doctor of Philosophy“Point of view of the Christian…” – an interview with Viktor Yelenskyy, Doctor of Philosophy, about modern tendencies in election process (photo 102).

Commenting events of the Orange Revolution, Father Bohdan Prakh drew attention to the aggravation of intraconfessional situation and the necessity of praying in such times.

Running commentary from the round table “Church and politics from the presidential elections in 2004 to the parliamentary elections in 2006”.

Address of the Head of UGCC to the faithful on the occasion of the end of the presidential elections in Ukraine.
(photo 103)The Rosary prayer sounded in programs of Radio “Voskresinnya” during the disturbing times of the presidential elections in 2004. Having come from Kyiv, Father Svyatoslav Shevchuk shared his impressions about what he had seen on Maydan Nezalezhnosti (photo 103-106).

(photo 104)

His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar focused his attention on the problem of compromise in our society, and also on the necessity to consolidate the efforts of all Churches of Ukraine for reconciling and peaceful flow of events.

(photo 105)
Year 2004 has gone down into the modern history of Ukraine as the Year of Orange Revolution realized on the Christian principles, without hatred and bloodshed…- Myroslav Marynovych, the vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University and director of the Institute of Religion and Society, comments the event of the year.
Reflections of His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar on the occasion of the end of the presidential elections in Ukraine.
(photo 106)God parents for orphans – a narrative about baptizing children in Lviv orphan house. Students Tetyana Lutsyk and Nadiya Hubych, who were in training in the editorial office of Radio “Voskresinnya”, are the authors of the material.

Formation of a new political nation, spiritual rise, necessity of improving moral criteria of modern life – Ihor Isichenko, Poltava and Kharkiv Archbishop of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, comments his speech at the round table “Moral dimensions of new Ukrainian reality” (photo 107).
(photo 107) Ihor Isichenko, Poltava and Kharkiv Archbishop of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church
“South-West, we cannot be divided” – a narrative about the first intraregional forum aimed at the integration and setting up closer cooperation and contacts between Ukrainian youth organizations.

A narrative about the presentation of the collection of Pope’s encyclics, the decree of the Second Vatican Synod, documents of the Pope’s Council of Social Communication named “Church and Social Communication”, with the participation of Archbishop John Patrick Fouli, President of the Pope’s Council of Communication Affairs, and the Head of UGCC His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar (photo 108).
(photo 108) His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar

“Seven milestones in the history” – reflections of His Eminence Lyubomyr about Ukraine gaining independence.

Epistle of the Blessed John Paul II on the occasion of the Thirty Ninth International Day of Communication.

His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar comments the results of the work of the twenty sixth session of the Synod of Bishops of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

“Renascence in Ukrainian society is possible only through deep spiritual renewal” – Patriarch Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate comments the situation in Ukraine.

Lviv laypeople stand for moving the residency of the Head of UGCC to Kyiv – radio narrative about the meeting of His Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar and Blessed Ihor Voznyak, Administrator of Lviv Archieparch, with representatives of lay organizations of UGCC. Apart from historical and economic grounds for this event three main reasons were established that speak for moving the residency: first, this is required by laws of UGCC (Codex of Canons of Eastern Churches says that the residency of the Head of the Church should be situated in the capital, if possible); second, it is closely connected with the development of the Church and geographic location of the faithful in Ukraine; third, it will foster closer and more effective dialogue with the representatives of other Churches for achieving the original unity.
(photo 109) Father Rafayil Turkonyak
Presentation of the translation of Ostroh Bible. Father Rafayil Turkonyak was translating this Holy Book from Church-Slavic to modern Ukrainian language in the course of thirty years (photo 109).

Of blessed memory of Father Yaroslav Lesiv. The program is devoted to the 60th anniversary since the death of Father Yaroslav. Singer and compositor Oles Dyak, who set to music the verses of Father Lesiv, took part in the program. (photo 110).
(photo 110) Singer and compositor Oles Dyak

Member of New-York Academy of Science, head of the chair of English and French languages Gustav Zwengrosch comments the Manifest of Hetman Pylyp Orlyk (photo 111)(photo 111) Gustav Zwengrosch

Series of radio narratives about the musical heritage of Mendelssohn, Handel, and other famous compositors. The author of the series is the world-famous band-master Roger McMerrin, art director of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra.

A narrative about the exhibition “Holy Gates of XVI-XVIII centuries”. The curator of museum fund of ancient decorative wood Nadiya Oleynyuk comments the objects represented in the exhibition. 

Why does God allow sufferings, what is Christian love, how to find answers to separate questions connected with faith? These and other problems are highlighted in the series of radio program “Reflections about the faith” prepared by the student of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary Pavlo Drozdyak.
(photo 112) student Tetyana Lutsyk
Series of radio narratives about the eleventh General Assembly of Bishop Synod in Vatican devoted to Eucharist.

“Problem of suicide in the youth environment” –  radio narrative of students Tetyana Lutsyk (photo 112) and Nadiya Hubych (photo 113), who were in training in the editorial office of Radio “Voskresinnya”.
(photo 113) student Nadiya Hubych

“Holy Scriputre in places of detention” – radio narrative about the presentation of broadcasting centre organized for transmitting audioversion of the Holy Scripture in Lviv Pretrial detention Centre No.19. Material and equipment for broadcasting were provided by Lviv Bible Society.
(photo 114)

(photo 115)

(photo 116)

The idea of this broadcasting system belongs to the Secretary General of UBS Roman Vovk and was implemented on his initiative (photos 114-116).

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