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Sacral art

(photo 89) (photo 90)
(photo 91)Running commentary from the exhibition of icons of XVI-XIX centuries in Lviv National Museum.  

“Studion” Collection: past and future” – a radio narrative about the hermit activity of the monk-studite Sevastian Dmytrukh directed at preservation and restoration of the invaluable spiritual heritage, and namely works of sacral art of XVI-XIX centuries (photos 89-95).

Deeper comprehension of theological basis with fundamentals of icon-painting. This task was put by the organizers of the summer icon-painting school, held this year at the Ukrainian Catholic University.
Problem of preserving sacral monuments of architecture became the key topic of the 15th International Conference held in Lviv and the visiting session of the committee in spiritual and cultural affairs of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.
 (photo 92)  (photo 93)
Radio narrative about the exhibition “Returned from nothingness” organized by Chervonohrad branch of Lviv Museum of History of Religion. The main objects of the exhibition were presented by sacral works of art of XV-XVIII centuries and the most interesting examples of icon-painting of XIX century brought from the research expeditions in Lviv, Ternopil, Volyn and Rivne regions. According to the director of the museum Olena Shovkova, to define the presence of author’s painting on separate icons apart from microchemical analyses they had also to carry out radiographic analyses.
 (photo 94)  ( 95)
Fathers Sevastian Dmytrukh and Zenon Khorkavyy, participants of the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Exhibition “Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and religious art: historical experience and problems of today” tell about the participation of the Church in preservation of monuments of sacral architecture.

Music premieres

Presentation of the compact-disc “Hierarch Divine Liturgy for Choir and Orchestra” set to Oleksandr Kozarenko’s music, in the performance of the honored capella of Ukraine “Trembita”, National Shevchenko Prize Winner. The producer of the series is Mykhaylo Perun.

The premiere of Johannes Sebastian Bach's composition "Mass in B-minor" in the performance of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Choir - an interview with the choragus and band-master Roger McMerrin.

New appointments in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

(photo 96) Bishops Mykola SimkayloOn the 12th of June 2005 two important events in the life of the Greek Catholic Church happened at once in Ivano-Frankivsk at the Archicathedral Synod of Christ Resurrection held on the occasion of the SS. Peter and Paul Day. The first event was the pontifical ordination of the Reverend Mykola (Simkaylo), and the second event was the enthronement of the Ivano-Frankivsk eparch Reverend Volodymyr (Viytyshyn).
The Bishops (Mykola Simkaylo is on the photo 96) share their thoughts and feelings in programs of Radio “Voskresinnya’.

Word of God – to the world

(photo 97) Roman VovkHis Eminence Lyubomyr Cardinal Huzar tells about the importance of the Word of God in people’s life. Commentary to the implementation of the project of the Ukrainian Bible Society “Possibilities – 21”, and namely providing books and audiocassettes for people with hearing deficiency.

New projects of the Ukrainian Bible Society – an interview with Roman Vovk, Secretary General of the Society (photo 97).

History of the Church

(photo 98) Volodymyr Hayuk“Conflicts and searching compromise after conclusion of Beresteyska Union” – the topic of the program from the series “History of Christianity in Ukraine” prepared by the Candidate of Historic Science Oleh Turiy.

Tragic pages in the history of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church will be covered in the series of radio programs “Unconquered Ukraine” prepared by the academician Volodymyr Serhiychuk, professor of the chair of ancient and modern history of Ukraine of Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko.

The 15th International Conference “History of religions in Ukraine” – an interview with Volodymyr Hayuk, the participant of the conference and honored worker of culture of Ukraine (photo 98).

Circumstances of the formation of the Byzantium State, emperor dynasties, ruling of Justinian The First, construction of St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople, iconoclasm, reasons of the collapse of the Byzantium Empire, etc – in the series of radio narratives  “Byzantology” told by professor Dmytro Stepovyk, Doctor of Arts.
(photo 99) Oleh Turiy
About life and deeds of St. Volodymyr the Great, St. Princess Olha, St. Borys and Hlib, Peter and Paul you will hear in radio narratives of Mykhaylo Kril, Doctor of Historic Science, professor of Lviv National University. 

The key moments of the history of origin and development of Christianity in Ukraine are integrated in author’s programs “History of Christianity in Ukraine”. The author of the programs is Oleh Turiy, Candidate of Historic Science, director of the Institute of History of Church attached to the Ukrainian Catholic University (photo 99).

Greek Catholics in the world

(photo 100) Father Oleksandr DorykevychUkrainian Greek Catholic Church in Spain – Father Oleksandr Dorykevych tells about the life of Ukrainian emigrants and hired workers in Spain, achievements and burning problems of today (photo 100).

(photo 101) priest Mykhaylo Buchynskyy

The participant of the Conference “Living Encyclopedia” (Croatia), UGCC priest Mykhaylo Buchynskyy shares his impressions about this event, and also tells about national minorities in Croatia and Ukrainians residing in this country, the majority of which, by the way, practice Greek Catholic religion (photo 101).

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