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about the activity
of Radio Voskresinnya
in year 2005

Project Manager:
Myroslav PAVLYUK

Chief Editor:


Table of Contents

List of  transmitters

Year 2005 – Year of Eucharist
Series of Christmas programs

Spiritual science
New martyrs and Saints of the UGCC
Spiritual Heritage

Christian nurture
State and Christian education
Ecclesiastical lections for the Lent

Of blessed memory of John Paul II
The election of the Pope

New residency of the Head of UGCC
Church calendar

Faith and science
Boundaries of faith
Life protection
Youth programs
Ecclesiastical lections

Christian song
Literary page
New editions
Holy Liturgy

Boundaries of ecumenism
  Social service of the Church

Sacral art
Music premieres
New appointments in the UGCC
Word of God – to the world
History of the Church
Greek Catholics in the world

Church and society

Radio pays a visit
From the life of the Radio
“Faces of Radio “Voskresinnya”


Year 2005 – the Year of Holy Eucharist – was marked by tumultuous events in social and political life of Ukraine, and was full of events in the life of the Church. The Orange Revolution structured public interests, and that could not fail to influence the life of religious institutions. Namely these and other factors determined the thematic priorities in mass media.   

Covering topic of religious life journalists of Radio “Voskresinnya” singled out the most important and socially significant factors and presented them in the light of the Word of Christ. Thematic richness of the programs is also conditioned by priority tasks which determine the fields of activity of the Creek Catholic Church and secular institutions. In particular, these are evangelistic and catechetical materials, materials about Christian education and nurture, history of the Church, ecumenism, activity of church institutions, monasticism, Christian literature and song, sectarianism etc.

This year topics of Radio “Voskresinnya” programs are also to the great extent determined by needs and interests of the audience. According to the statistical data of TNS Ukraine, this audience, for instance, the audience of the First Channel of the National Radio is moderately large. For example, the evening program of Radio “Voskresinnya” is listened to by three million Ukrainian citizens at the same time. These are people of different age categories, social groups, education levels, and financial positions. The geography of the audience is mainly determined by the scheme of transmitters’ location (see photo 1) and the condition of the cable network.

(photo 1) transmitters’ location

In 2005, programs of Radio “Voskresinnya” were broadcasted by transmitters of the following radio companies:
- First Channel of the National Radio: Monday, Tuesday at 9:30 pm, Thursday, Friday at 10:30 pm; 
- Radio network of Lviv Regional TV and Radio Company: Wednesday at 6:40 pm, Saturday at 5:45 pm, and Sunday at 8:10 am; 
- Ivano-Frankivsk TV and Radio Company, “Dzvony” Radio: during the week, twice per day at 7:00 am and 6:50 pm;
- Eko-Radio (Lviv): since October 1, 2005 every day at 7:00 am, in one block with the leader of socio-political programs Radio “Svoboda”.

Radioprograms on the First National Channel of Ukrainian Radio are broadcasted from the central control room in the city of Kyiv (26 Khreshchatyk St.) by means of cable (wire) radio network of the Ministry of Communications of Ukraine and transmitters, the total number of which is 92 (list of transmitters, their location, power, and frequencies see on pages 7-10). This radio broadcasting channel has at present the biggest coverage of the territory(photo 2) “Hovoryt’ i pokazuye Ukrayina” of Ukraine. The presence of Radio “Voskresinnya” programs in the ether of UR-1 is also an evidence of quality and high level of the radio programs that correspond to the national standards of the state radio broadcasting. Apart from that, every radio program of “Voskresinnya” several times per day is announced in advertising releases of UR-1, and is also included to the everyday radio program schedule, which is published in the all-Ukrainian  newspaper “Hovoryt’ i pokazuye Ukrayina” (see photo 2)

Possibilities of digital radio broadcasting through the Internet network outline the geographical map of radio broadcasting which goes far beyond Ukraine’s borders.
Listeners’ letters

Roman Pryshlyak <prom@ipm.lviv.ua>
Re: Gospel of John
Dear editors,
All your broadcasts are very interesting and useful, but today I heard the first program devoted to the Gospel of John, which interested me especially. I wish there were more programs interpreting the content of the Holy Scriptures to laypeople.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Roman Pryshlyak, Lviv

From: Dmytro
Congratulations and request to the editors!!! 
(23:28:50 28.08.2005)
Dear editors of the Radio “Voskresinnya”!
My congratulations on the Holiday!
Last Tuesday, 23.08, I listened with great interest to the seventh release of your program “Byzantology” with Professor Dmytro Stepovyk. Afterwards I visited your Internet site and downloaded mp3 record of the program. But I have not found previous releases of “Byzantology” on the site. I kindly ask you to send me the previous releases of the program in mp3 format by e-mail or give me the reference for downloading them.  
Thank you very much. God save you!  
Best regards,
Dmytro Podolyaka .

From: O. Drahan
Happy Easter!      
(14:45:50 11.05.2005)
On behalf of the editorial board of the newspaper “Word of God – UOC”, of Moscow Patriarchate we sincerely congratulate all believers on the Holy Easter.
In all times Easter was and still remains the symbol of unity of Orthodox Christians, guardian of spirituality and faith. Rich and glorious history of our Holy Church, examples of its ascetics give us inspiration and strength and help to overcome difficulties and hardships of present times. Therefore may the possibility to touch once again in this special day the imperishable sources of Orthodoxy make us kinder, more human, protect from evil and hardships and bring peace and evenness to our souls, as well as Hope, Faith and Charity, good and certainty in tomorrow.
“We celebrate the victory over Death,
the destruction of the deep abyss,
and the birth of a new eternal life.
With joy, we praise the Author of all things,
the only Blessed One, God of our fathers,
for He is worthy of all praise.”
(Troparion of the 7th Ode of the Easter Canon)
Bets regards,
Olexandr DRAHAN,
editor of the newspaper “Word of God – UOC” village of Floryno, Bershadskyy district, Vinnytsya region

From: Mykola
Glory to Jesus Christ!    
(19:57:15 07.08.2004)    
Dear Radio “Voskresinnya”!
I am very thankful to you for the wonderful information you provide. I beg your payers for the successful return of the Bishop’s Residency, of which we were deprived 50 years ago and where the library of UzhNU is now situated. May God repay a thousandfold to you for your labor. 
The most active Internet listeners are residents of Italy, Spain, Argentina, Canada, and Germany. A great deal of comments we receive via e-mail (see photo 3).
Radio programs in digital version on the web-site of Radio “Voskresinnya” (www.rr.lviv.ua) are updated every day.

Audio files with radio programs are placed in two digital formats: mp3 and ogg. This enables users of different computer formats to listen to these programs. Among the advantages of the digital version of radio programs is the possibility to listen both to the programs on the day of their broadcasting and to the programs for the past several months. Besides, the full radio program schedule is also placed on the web-site, and is saved in the archive in the course of three months. Radio “Voskresinnya” web-page enables us to present the latest updates about the most publicized events. With this view, the site is divided into correspondent columns and pages, where audio, text, photo and video materials are placed. These are, in particular, such audio columns as “Events. Facts. Commentaries” which contain interviews, reports, and other audio materials telling about the life of the Church; column “Music premieres” – text materials, audio presentations and digital audio versions of the novelties of sacred music; “Authors” – thematic series of radio stories which received the biggest number of listeners’ comments or are the most topical.

The web-page also contains an API archive in PDF format, so the reader has the possibility to review the bulletin of the Religious Information Agency in a ready-made laid-out form with colour illustrations.

On an ongoing basis the news about the life of religious communities, press-releases, articles and photo illustrations are added to the web-site.

In the column “Picture story” you can find the series of thematic photo illustrations about the important events in the life of the Church and society. This column gives the possibility to present the information timely, right away after the event has happened.

The column “Art photo gallery” is also functioning on the web-page. There you can look through reproductions of the works of painters who work in the field of sacral and applied art, historical monuments and thematic exhibitions.

In 2005 a new column “Verbatim” also appeared and became a source of information operating in the similar to «On-line» mode.

The work on the implementation of new forms of digital broadcasts remains at present the priority task for the radio company. High technologies and Internet allow giving accesses to unrestricted possibilities of using digital receivers which are 5-10 times cheaper and simpler in use than computers, and therefore available to every user. For example, KNOT&NET technology enables simultaneously with radio or TV broadcasts to carry out interactive communication through voting or poll.  

It is natural that changes in the forms of modern communication require the implementation of new technological means of information dissemination. Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of people use electronic means of communication and information processing. For sure, in a short time this will lead to the emergence of new cheap carriers and means of distributing digital data, which will undoubtedly be used by TV and radio companies. With the consideration of these factors, presence of Word of God in Internet network nowadays is an absolutely normal phenomenon, though not yet widespread.

That is why modern means of dissemination Evangelical truths in the nearest future will also become a part of the sphere of high digital information flows.  

The list of transmitters of First channel of Ukrainian Radio, which transmit the “Voskresinnya” Radio programs.

Location Range Frequency Power
Vinnytsya region
Bershad' USW Mono 70,1 4
Vinnytsia USW Mono 71,69 4
Volyn region
Horohiv USW Mono 71,93 0,08
Kovel' USW Mono 66,02 4
Lutsk USW Mono 71,36 0,08
Dnipropetrovsk region
Dnipropetrovsk USW Mono 68,36 4
Kryvyj Rih USW Mono 71,63 4
Nikopol' USW Mono 68,38 1
Donetsk region
Donetsk USW Mono 69,77 4
Kramatorsk USW Mono 69,41 4
Mariupol' USW Mono 67,34 4
Zhytomyr region
Andriivka USW Mono 71,9 4
Olevsk USW Mono 69,8 4
Zakarpattya region
Velykyj Bereznyj USW Mono 68,42 0,1
Mizhiria USW Mono 70,64 0,1
Rahiv USW Mono 70,19 2
Uzhorod USW Mono 69,53 4
Hust USW Mono 70,04 4
Zaporizzhya region
Berdiansk USW Mono 68,57 0,1
Zaporizzhia USW Mono 70,73 4
Komysh-Zoria USW Mono 68,99 4
Melitopol' USW Mono 68,72 2
Prymorsk USW Mono 69,17 0,08
Tokmak USW Mono 71,06 0,1
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ivano-Frankivsk USW Mono 71,24 4
Kyiv region
Kyiv LW Mono 0,207 500 (250)
Kyiv USW Stereo 68,51 15
Kyiv USW(FM) Stereo 105 5
Tetijiv USW Mono 70,22 0,1
Kirovohrad region
Kirovohrad USW Mono 66,98 4
AR Crimea
Alupka USW Mono 72,38 0,02
Alushta USW Mono 67,7 0,1
Kerch USW Mono 71,66 4
Krasnoperekopsk USW Mono 66,8 4
Nikita USW Mono 71,3 0,1
Octiabrske MW 0,648 150
Sevastopol' USW Mono 67,25 4
Simferopol' MW 1,584 1
Simferopol' USW Mono 66,68 4
Sovietskyj USW Mono 72,2 4
Luhansk region
Luhansk USW Mono 68,75 1
Rovenky USW Mono 69,08 4
Starobilsk USW Mono 69,65 4
Lviv region
Lviv USW Mono 67,04 4
Mykolayiv region
Mykolajiv USW Mono 69,8 4
Pervomajsk USW Mono 69,92 4
Odessa region
Zhovten' USW Mono 68,99 4
Kamianske USW Mono 66,59 4
Kotovsk USW Mono 67,25 4
Odesa USW Mono 70,52 4
Poltava region
Hadiach USW Mono 102,1 0.03
Hrebinka USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Iskrivka USW Mono 65,96 0,75
Karlivka USW Mono 73,7 0,03
Kotelva USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Krasnohorivka USW Mono 66,08 4
Kremenchuk USW Mono 73,79 0,1
Leliuhivka USW Mono 69,47 0,75
Lohvytsia USW Mono 73,88 0,1
Novi Martynovychi USW Mono 67,64 0,1
Poltava USW Mono 71,21 0,1
Chornuhy USW Mono 102,2 0,03
Chutove USW Mono 67,64 0,03
Rivne region
Rivne (Antopil') USW Mono 66,73 4
Sumy region
Bilopillia USW Mono 66,5 4
Trostianets USW Mono 68,75 4
Shostka USW Mono 65,93 4
Ternopil region
Berezhany USW Mono 67,28 0,05
Buchach USW Mono 66,05 0,05
Ternopil' (Lozova) USW Mono 69,83 4
Chortkiv USW Mono 66,59 0,05
Shumsk USW Mono 70,7 0,05
Kharkiv region
Zachepylivka USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Izium USW Mono 72,08 4
Harkiv USW Mono 67,13 4
Kherson region
Vasylivka USW Mono 69,23 4
Herson USW Mono 71,9 4
Khmelnytsk region
Volochysk USW Mono 68,72 4
Horodok USW Mono 71,51 0,1
Iziaslav USW Mono 66,32 0,1
Kulchyjivtsi (Kam.-Podilskyj) USW Mono 70,76 4
Polonne USW Mono 68,06 0,1
Hmelnytskyj USW Mono 67,7 4
Chemerivtsi USW Mono 70,88 0,1
Shepetivka USW Mono 66,08 0,1
Cherkasy region
Buky USW Mono 67,88 4
Cherkasy USW Mono 72,2 4
Chernivtsi region
Novodnistrovsk USW Mono 69,59 4
Chernivtsi USW Mono 69,26 4
Chernihiv region
Pryluky USW Mono 71 4
Holmy USW Mono 66,71 4
Chernihiv USW Mono 69,47 4

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